How to Compose Food Photography

Food photography can be quite a joyful and interesting activity. If you normally go through cooking books, you would have witnessed countless high quality pictures of different recipes, which can be quite tempting and attractive for the readers.

Food photographs play a major role in increasing the sales of recipe books, which is the reason why a photographer has to work hard on the composition of the pictures, taking into account many basic rules of the field. Food photography requires a lot of experience and knowhow about the camera because it involves many technicalities.


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    In order to make the photographs more appealing, you should be able to play with the colours. In food photography, bright and sharp colours are commonly used. Colourful stacks of vegetables with rich sauces on a white plate can be extremely tempting for the viewer. Make sure that you select the right background, which suits the colour of the recipe or the crockery.

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    You must treat the food like any other still object and make sure that it is properly lit. Most of the food photography is going to be done indoors; therefore, you have to ensure that the artificial lights are placed accordingly and you do not have to work hard on editing.

    Experienced photographers place  food alongside a window while taking photographs to have more natural light. The daylight will help the food look fresher and more natural.

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    Arrangement of the food

    Arrangement of the food is extremely crucial in order to make the photos more presentable. When the chef is arranging the food, the photographer should not hesitate to come up with different ideas. Apart from the arrangement, you have to style the food and make it as attractive as possible.

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    The context of the photographs is always important and you must ensure that the crockery, including the bowls, plates and spoons are attractive, shinning and clean. Forks, spoons or glasses can be placed in different positions alongside the food items to add value to the photos.

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    Be quick

    In order to capture an appetizing look, you have to be quick while taking the photographs. Make sure that your camera and other equipments are ready before the food is cooked.

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    Rule of thirds

    Rule of thirds - the image is divided into sub parts - is crucial in photography and it is even more important when you are taking photos of foods.

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