Easy Ways to Cover and Decorate Christmas Tins

Christmas tins are a dime a dozen, especially around the holidays. People receive them as gifts from family, coworkers, neighbors and friends, and they quickly begin taking up storage space. After all, they can only be reused at Christmastime because of holiday-specific colors and graphics. Do not give them away just because they are decorated with designs and hues that are indicative of a particular holiday or season. Pull them out, dust them off, and use these easy ways to cover and decorate metal containers of every shape and size. After paint and decorating your old canisters, they can be used for gift giving and decorating all year long.

Begin with Primer and a Solid New Color

If snowmen, kids on sleds, Santa and other Christmas graphics are not your style or preference, redecorate your tins with a new coat of paint. Begin with spray-on primer. Apply it according to label directions. After it dries, cover the base and lid with spray paint according to the instructions on the can. You will have a solid-colored background to decorate and design in impressive new ways.

Edge the Tins with Rickrack or Lace

Rickrack or lace can be used to embellish spray-painted tins that were once covered with Christmas graphics. Use E6000 adhesive to attach trimmings of your choice. Lace or wavy rickrack would look fantastic around the rim of the lid or just above the bottom edge of the base. Be sure to try out a few different options before adding glue and committing to a specific color or style.

Apply Peel-and-Stick Designs

After choosing rickrack or lace to trim your newly painted tins, consider adding something more. Decorate the painted surfaces with art-quality decals in subjects of your choice. Embellish them according to a specific theme, holiday or an occasion other than Christmas. For something that will be suitable for giving baked goods, candy or other surprises throughout the year, add peel-and-stick scroll work around the sides. Small sayings or words of inspiration and faux gems can be applied to the lid.

Add 3D Scrapbook Stickers

Browse the scrapbook supply aisle of a local discount store for other decorating alternatives for your Christmas tins. You will find hundreds of high-quality stickers in dozens of themes. If decals are not ideal for your metal canisters, consider using scrapbook stickers. Bypass the thin crack-and-peel designs, and go for something with dimension. Your containers that were covered in Christmas graphics will look amazing all year long.

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

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