How to Build a Barbie Dollhouse

Every girl dreams of having a beautiful house for her Barbie dolls. Earlier dollhouses were made by hand but now you can buy a ready-made dollhouse from any decent toy store.

Girls often role play with dolls and toys which depicts the theme of adulthood. In order to make the game more realistic, they make a house for their toys and decorate it with furniture and all the necessary things needed to live.

The main rules for building dollhouses is to choose the size of the structure and to decorate the rooms beautifully. In order to do this you can either use a big box that usually comes with a TV or even a shoebox depending on the style.

Accessories in the dollhouse make the house look more realistic but the cost of items such as furniture and kitchen equipment may turn out to be costly. In order to avoid these expenses, it is recommended to make everything with yourself.

Things Required:

– Box
– Cardboard
– Advertising catalogues
– Trimming wallpaper
– Glue
– Stapler


  • 1

    First, determine the size of the dolls for which you are making a new house. This approach is necessary in order to make it easier to assess the extent of construction. The easiest way to make a dollhouse is to make use of an old cardboard box. The walls of the box must be wallpapered or painted.

  • 2

    Remove one of the walls of the box or you can cut off the top part to make it look more like a house. If the size of the box is big, try to make a partition with pieces of cardboard. To do this, carefully glue the cardboard on to the surface of the box. You can use the stapler as well for this purpose.

  • 3

    Now pattern the walls and floors of the home. You can use coloured wallpaper, piece of thick cloth or linoleum to make the floor look better. Glue the paper or cloth on the floor and allow it dry.

  • 4

    Now start making furniture for the house. Chairs, sofas and beds can be done with the help of cardboard. To make cupboards and shelves, take some paper and make a drawing of the items. Then paste it on the thick cardboard with glue.

  • 5

    Now you need to give the dollhouse a realistic look. To do this, use real objects. For example, hang a broken wristwatch without a strap on the wall above the table in the kitchen. In the hallway you can attach a mirror. It is a good idea to let your daughter help in this stage so that she can set the interior of the dollhouse the way that she likes.

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