Valentine’s Table Centerpiece Ideas

You may be serving a grand dinner for family and friends, planning to have an intimate one for two, or maybe simply serving tea when friends arrive to visit on Valentine’s Day; in any case, centerpieces are a great way to breathe life into an otherwise bland setting. Even if you’re not planning to serve anything on the table, putting a centerpiece on it will add color to the whole room. If you’re looking for such centerpiece ideas, this article will make a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day.


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    A vase with flowers in it, is a great idea that will add a minimalistic touch to the overall ambiance of the room. Try and get the flowers in red to go with the Valentine’s theme. You can also buy two vases of the same shape but one has to be smaller than the other. Fill the smaller vase with water and roses and put it inside the larger vase. Add red pistachios or streamers in red color in the space between them and then use that vase as your centerpiece on the table.

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    Get a bowl with an open mouth and circular shape. Fill it halfway with water and put some red food color into the water to give it color before putting floating candles in that bowl. Make sure you light them just before the guests are supposed to come lest all of them melt. However, if you don’t want to use candles, just add water in the bowl with no food color before putting a few red colored rose petals to float around.

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    Another great idea for a centerpiece is getting a mixture of dried scented flowers and leaves from the market. They’re usually known as ‘potpurri’ in most countries. Sprawl them on your center table with small candles between them over a simple red or white table runner. This will give a rich look to your table and reinforce the idea that centerpieces for tables do not necessarily have to be big and one single focal point.

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