How to Build a Gallows Trapdoor

Gallows are tools that are made out of wood in order to look like a frame, which is used for hangings and executions. There are several different types of gallows, from a simple inverted ‘L’ shape, to the more complex full-frame-and-stand-with-trapdoor designs.

Making gallows is not an easy task and only a good craftsman will be able to make a fine gallows. Furthermore, gallows became unpopular a few decades back so this is the main reason why the quality of this foreboding structure has deteriorated in recent times. However, many people have a passion of collecting gallows even though they are unlikely to use them in real life situations.


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    This kind of gallows is the simplest type of gallows apart from a rope that can be attached to a tree. Although the L type might not be able to guarantee someone’s neck snap, it can choke the punisher to death for the heinous crimes he committed. In medieval times, the inverted L Gallows were made for small town executions and could even be transported from one place to another. This is the reason why they used to be upside down in an L shape. As long as they did not break under the weight of the convict, these gallows did not require any changes but are very cheap these days.

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    However, it is much better to use the hanging frame as it is a full frame and stand with a trapdoor in it. This design is much easier to use and is very efficient as it will give the person who has been convicted to death, a chance to die with dignity. Furthermore, this is what collectors look for as it has a very classical look about it.

    In order to make a good gallows of this kind, first make a floor out of the wooden planks and make sure that the floor is only for one person.

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    By making legs and braces, you can elevate the length of the floor so that it looks like a table or a large stand. For convenience, you can add a staircase even though ladders were used during the old days.

    The hanging frame should be made of strong material.

    You must also cut a notch into the top of the third post to make a noose.

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    Now comes the time to add the Trapdoor to it. Add hinges to the trapdoor and then attach a ratchet and lever with it so that the lever can be released after the call.

    What happens then is that the victim is made to stand on the trapdoor and the rope that is attached to his neck will be attached to the ratchet. As soon as the rope is cut, the trapdoor will fall due to the convict’s weight and he will leave the world.

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