How to Walk Through a Piece of Paper

If someone told you that it is possible to walk through a sheet of a paper as a magic trick, you would probably not believe him/her. However, it is indeed possible, and you will be required to follow simple tips and techniques detailed in this article to perform this trick effectively. You will be required to make tactical cuts in a sheet of paper to perform this trick and amaze your friends, family members and colleagues.

Things Required:

– Scissors
– 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper


  • 1

    Before doing anything else, you will need to purchase a sheet of paper from your local stationery shop. Make sure the size of the sheet is approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Fold the 8.5 inch side of the paper in half.

  • 2

    Now consider cutting a rectangular hole in the paper about 0.75 inches at the fold, on both sides at the centre of the fold. Next, make it about 0.5 inches into the sheet of paper. Take your time when cutting a rectangular hole in the piece of paper because it is essential for the trick to work.

  • 3

    At one side of the sheet, you will be required to cut from where the strip ends to all the way to the other side of the sheet. Make sure you stop at about 0.5 inches from the edge of the sheet. Repeat the same process for the other side of the sheet.

  • 4

    Make one more cut about 0.5 inches above the cut you just created by cutting down the length of the sheet and turning over the paper. This cut must start at the bottom of the sheet and end approximately 0.5 inches from where the fold ends.

  • 5

    Turn the paper upside down and create another cut about 0.5 inches above the second cut. Start this cut from the end where the sheet folds and continue toward the other side. Stop cutting approximately 0.5 inches from the edge.

  • 6

    For best results, alternate the sides each time you cut. It is recommended that you make sure all the cuts are 0.5 inches above each other and end just an inch above the edge of the sheet. As you open the paper, the huge chain of cuts will result in a large hoop, and you can easily slip in and out of it.

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