Make a Framed Pierced Earring Holder Jewelry Stand

It’s not easy finding matching pierced earrings after they’ve been placed in a jewelry box or drawer. Sorting through a hodgepodge of earrings in an effort to locate just the right pair is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you can’t find a particular pair. Make finding the right pair easy by creating a one-of-a-kind framed pierced earring holder.

The following instructions explain how to make a framed holder to match your d�©cor. This pierced earring holder is very easy to make, and it will enable you to easily find just the right pair at a moments notice. This framed pierced earring holder is functional, practical, and highly decorative. Make a pierced earring holder to organize and display your collection of pierced earrings, or make one as a very special gift for a friend or loved one with pierced ears.

Necessary Supplies

To make a framed pierced earring holder you’ll need a 5 x 7 unfinished photo frame with a stand, small finishing nails or screws, acrylic paint in colors of your choice, painting supplies, scissors, and color-coordinated plastic canvas. You’ll also need other embellishment to decorate the frame such as faux gems, small shells, narrow satin ribbon, buttons, beads, or anything else you want. Use your imagination to create a frame to match a theme, color, or room.

Optional Supplies

Do you have old costume jewelry you no longer want or need? You can trim your framed earring holder with bobbles and beads from old jewelry. If you have clip-on earrings you don’t want, simply remove the backs, and save them for decorating the frame of your holder. Any small faux gems or jewels would be a great addition to this easy craft project.

If your unfinished photo frame requires sanding, you’ll also need fine-grade sandpaper. The finished earring holder will look much more attractive and the paint will be easier to apply if the wood is smooth.


If necessary, sand the unfinished frame and stand in preparation for painting. After sanding, paint the frame and stand any color or colors you prefer. You don’t have to be an artist to make an impressive framed earring holder. Simply add lighter colors before darker colors or shades. For example, paint the frame a solid color, and add trim by painting any indentations a darker hue. There isn’t a right or wrong way to paint and decorate this easy-to-make craft project. Allow the paint to dry completely before finishing.

After the paint has dried, cut a sheet of colored plastic canvas to fit the back of the frame. Attach the plastic canvas to the back with small finishing nails or screws. One in each corner and on each side should be sufficient.

Complete the framed earring holder by gluing on faux gems, parts from old jewelry, tiny satin bows, buttons, shells, and anything else you desire. Allow the glue to dry completely before placing the finished piece in the stand.

After the glue has completely dried, fill the framed earring holder with pairs of pierced earrings. As long as you put your earrings away, you’ll never again have problems locating your favorites when they’re displayed in this attractive easy-to-make framed earring holder.

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