Pros & Cons of 110 Cameras and Film

While many people consider cameras which use 110 film cartridges to be obsolete, some are still in use, and they can frequently be found for sale at yard sales, thrift shops, and internet auction services.

This type of camera and film has several advantages. Most of the cameras have a thin, compact, and lightweight design which makes them very portable. They are also quite inexpensive, with most models available used for under $10, even if they have features such as a built-in flash or telephoto lens (such as is featured on the Concord 110TEF). However, SLR-type (detachable lens, aperture settings, etc.) 110 cameras can be expensive. Most 110 cameras are very easy to use, and the film cartridges are easier to insert in the camera than 35mm film.

Like 35mm cameras, it is usually faster to take a photograph with a 110 camera than with most digital cameras, as there is a much shorter delay between pressing the shutter button and actually taking the photo. They can be advanced more quickly than most manual-wind 35mm cameras as well. 110 cameras have been produced by a variety of manufacturers, including Pentax, Keystone, Bell & Howell, Kodak, and others. They are also available in waterproof models, such as the Minolta Weathermatic 110.

However, there are also some drawbacks. Few stores still sell 110 film cartridges, and they are fairly expensive to purchase on the internet, partially because of mailing costs. You may still be able to purchase them at some Walgreen’s stores. Unexpired cartridges can often be found on eBay, especially in the eBay Stores section. Another disadvantage is that many photographers feel most 110 cameras produce lower quality results than 35mm cameras.

However, this is not considered to be the case for higher-quality 110 cameras, especially when compared to cheap 35mm or digital cameras. You will also need to find a film developer which still develops 110 film. You may want to inquire about this with local film developers before purchasing a camera of this type, or try to find an online film developing service with reasonable prices (keep in mind the cost of mailing film to them). Most 110 cameras aren’t capable of using accessories such as tripods or standard flash units.

For some examples of photographs taken with cameras using 110 film, have a look at the photos in’s 110 section: Link

Overall, using a 110 camera is worth a try if you can afford the film and are able to locate a developer for it. Aside from the concerns regarding film, such cameras offer an uncomplicated, lightweight, and easy method of taking photographs.

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