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I love knitting and I love free. These sites have enough free patterns to keep you knitting for a life time. And they are all so unique. You can go to each site, search for a particular pattern, and find a different tone on each site. There are more things here than patterns. You can get free tips, free instructions, and some great deals on products also. I have used some of these free-bees and have been very satisfied with the results. For instance, I had a pattern for a shopping bag from an old Coats and Clark Book. I do mean had. It got lost somewhere in my moves. I really wanted to make some. I was tired of store bags tearing and having to chase bottles of soda down the block I did a search and found the exact same pattern. So whatever you are looking for just search these pages. I bet you have just as good luck as I did

A Good Yarn Free Knitting Patterns
They have sone great retro patterns, and retro is in this fall. They have a very unique line of patterns. I particularly like the knitted necklace and egg cozy

All Free Crafts Free Knitting Patterns
They have many patterns for a beginner. They also have some great knitted Christmas Ornaments.

Bernat Free Knitting Patterns
Bernat is one of the leading yarn manufactures. They have great free patterns geared for their yarns. They do have a top quality product. You need to open a free membership to get the patterns, but it is well worth it.

Craft Bits Free Knitting Patterns
Hundreds of free patterns. Check out the competition page, See if there is one going on Maybe you can win yourself a nice prize,

Craft Town Free Knitting Patterns
They have a large selection of patterns, especially holiday ones. The resource’s section has a forum and free lessons. The learning section has instructions for many different types of crafts such as jewelry and tatting. Come on in and look at all the sections. You will find lots of things you can use.

Crystal Palace Yarns Free Knitting Patterns
They have 122 patterns for scarves alone. And patterns for almost everything else. They have a nice looking product also.

Free Free Knitting Patterns
You nave to sign up for a free membership here, but when you do, you get access to thousands of free patterns for every type of craft.

Knitting Help Free Knitting Patterns
They have some nice hat pattens here. Also beginning and advanced instructions

Knitting on the Net Free Knitting Patterns
They have many patterns and one thing I like, with each patten they recommend yarns from different companies, so you can choose whichever one is sold in your area, or the brand you prefer.

Knitting Pattern Central Free Knitting Patterns
This is a very nice site, with patterns for everything from afghans to weddings and everything I n between. They also have a great instruction section and one section I particularly liked with projects that are a combination of knitting and crocheting. They also have a section where you can leave your tips and tricks, and maybe pick up a new tip or two.

The Knitting Site Free Knitting Patterns
There is so much here. You can download free instructional videos. Make sure you sign up for the free newsletter.

Knitty Free Knitting Patterns
Kintty is an on line magazine. It is well worth it to subscribe. If you design your own things, you can submit them here and get published. They have a lot of unique and interesting projects. Check them out.

Lion Brand Yarns Free Knitting Patterns
I have used Lion Brand Yarns and they have a great product. It knits evenly and you don’t end up with knots right in the middle. Their site has more than 1,000 free knitting and crocheting projects. With that many, there has to be one for almost anything. I like the ponchos featured on the front page. Ponchos are one of the IN fashions for this fall. They also have instructions for beginners.

Purple Kitty Yarns Free Knitting Patterns
They have page after page of free patterns, including one with Christmas ornaments. Sign up on the home page for their mailing list and check out the yarn special they have going on. Some are almost half price.

Yarn Lovers Room Free Knitting Patterns
Tons of free patterns. And a tips and tricks page. While you are here, sign up for their newsletter. They also have great, easy to follow instructions for beginners.

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