How to Curate an Art Show

Many art lovers, who are not artists themselves, always seek ways to arrange or curate art shows for giving an opportunity to present their art work. The art curators always organise art shows on small and large scales and they are adept in putting up a good show of art work. However, many people do not know how to curate an art show because they had not got a chance to organise any art event. But you can do it without having any prior experience in this field. Keep reading this article to learn the tricks of this trade.


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    First of all, you should draw or plan the theme of an art show because people show different types of art work in a show. Decide whether you want to feature artist’s work of a particular style or you want all artists to showcase their work in the art show.

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    You should contact different artists of your city or country and let them know that you are organising an art show. Tell them about the theme and all other relevant details of your art show.

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    You need to find an appropriate venue or location for your art show ensuring that the place is big enough to accommodate the art items and the visitors at the same time.

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    Art galleries, museums, cafes, auditoriums, warehouses and the conference halls are the places that can be utilised for organising an art show.

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    You can also contact to the management of different art colleges or other art institutions that usually sponsor different art shows by allowing the organisers to use the space of the institute.

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    Request the leading artists to participate and display their work in your art show. You can find the contact information of all leading artists on internet. You should research the contact numbers or addresses of these artists and invite them to your show.

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    You should make a press release about the art show and get it published in a local newspaper or a local art magazine which will help in promoting the event. Make sure you also announce the date and venue of the event.

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    You can also print pamphlets about your art show and spread them all over the town in order to make people aware of your art show.

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    You need to arrange refreshments for all artists and other visitors who come to your art show. It will create a positive impact and you will also help in making your event a successful one.

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