Homemade Halloween Costumes

There are a lot of Halloween costumes at local stores. Yet, when you think about the cost of these costumes and how they lack any originality, you can see that creating a homemade costume is more fun, plus it will also save you money too. Furthermore, when you involve your child in making their own homemade costume provides a great time for bonding. This will result in something that is far more valuable than anything that you could ever buy at the store.

So, now that you have decide to make an inexpensive, quick, easy homemade Halloween costume, you are going to need some ideas as to what to make. Here are some great ideas to get you started.


This is one costume that will never go out of fashion. All you need is an old sheet. (Even one that is brightly colored or has polka dots on it can work well here.) Simply cut the sheet to fit over your child and cut holes in it for eyes, then use a leftover scrap to create a simple trick-or-treat bag. Would you like to decorate your ghost a little more? Then get out some markers and give it some red lipstick, a couple of false eyelashes, and a beard or moustache.


Get your child a sweat suit that is a bit too large then simply sew some pom poms on and use some fabric paint to finish decorating the outfit. Purchase a big, colorful hat and an inexpensive wig and you will have a very cute clown.


This is another easy and inexpensive Halloween costume to create. Simply go to a consignment shop and buy your child a flannel shirt that is slightly too big for them, then sew some patches on a pair of faded jeans, then you will have3 the basics for your child’s scarecrow costume. Add some straw and a touch of makeup and your child will be ready to go.


If your child wants to be a hippy, take a trip to your local consignment shop and pick up a tie-dye shirt and a jacket or vest that is covered with fringe. Then take a moment to looking in your child’s closet for a pair of jeans with holes in their knees. The only other thing that you will need is a headband and you will have a hippy that is truly authentic looking.


If your child has a white shirt with a pocket in it, a pair of Capri pants, white socks, and a pair of black dress shoes, then you are all set. All you need now is a trip to the store to buy a pocket protector, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and a few fake teeth that are really big in size. Top off the costume’s look by taping one corner of the glasses and then using a lot of get to slick back your child’s hair.

Soda can

Simply purchase a cheap plastic barrel and cut holes in it for your child’s head and arms. Now comes the fun partâÂ?¦ Let your child pain the barrel so that it looks like their favorite brand of soda.

Any of these ideas are sure to make your child the biggest hit on the block this Halloween. All it takes is some imagination to create these quick, fun costumes. Remembering your child in a costume that the two of you created together is priceless and will be something that your child will take with them throughout the rest of their lives.

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