How to Make a Bow Out Of Fondant

Bows are a great embellishment on a cake and suitable for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. Making a bow out of fondant might seem difficult to make but in fact it is relatively easy after following some simple instructions. You require some tools, cutting fondants into strips and arranging them in a shape of a bow. Remember that fondants are stiff sugar mixtures which are used for decorating cakes.

Things Required:

– Fondant
– Ruler
– Food colouring
– Knife
– Cold water
– Small paint brush


  • 1

    Make fondants for the number of bows you desire

    You are required to make enough fondants for the number of bows you are going to make.

  • 2

    Roll the fondants

    Next you need to roll the fondants so that you can form square pieces.

  • 3

    Cut the fondants into strips

    After rolling the fondants into a square, cut them into pieces. Take a knife and cut the fondants into strips of one inch or 2.5 cm wide. You can vary the width according to your desire. You are required to keep the length of four to six times the width. Remember that the length of the fondants strip can also be done as per your requirements.

  • 4

    Brush water

    Now you need to brush water on the ends of the strips. Take a bowl and fill it with cold water. Then get a small paint brush and dip it in the water. Apply the wet brush on the ends of the fondant strips.

  • 5

    Fold strips into loop

    Fold the strips into a loop after brushing the ends with water. You are required to join both wet ends together at an angle. Press them so they stick together.

  • 6

    Repeat to make more loops

    You need to repeat the process to make more loops. It is advisable for you to use longer strips in order to make loops that can cover the cake.

  • 7

    Lay strips on the cake

    Next you need to lay strips on the cake. These strips will be leading up to the bow. It is recommended to cut the trailing ends at an angle or cut a triangular notch.

  • 8

    Lay the bow

    In the end you need to attach the bow in the middle. It should be connected with the strips leading towards it. You can place more than one looped strip in order to make a different bow pattern. Remember to lay the loops with their ends towards the middle.

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