How to Make Great Christmas Cards

Christmas is the most important celebration of the year, for Christians. This festival has a deep religious meaning, marking the birth of Jesus Christ, and you are obliged to follow special traditions on this day. Christmas always promises to bring something new and special bundled with lots of love, warmth and hope.

Christians usually start preparing for this big day long before December 25. Nowadays, people have introduced different ways of celebrating Christmas and wishing their families, friends and loved ones. One of the best ways to wish your loved ones is to send them a Christmas card made by your own hands. Nowadays, stores offer a wide range of printed products with breathtaking designs and beautiful images. However, if you want to surprise a loved one, a hand-made card will do the trick. You just need certain things to start preparing a special Christmas card.

Things Required:

– Computer with a photo editor
– Coloured pencils
– Oil paint
– Artificial stars
– Printer


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    Take a sheet of heavy paper and fold it in half. On the front cover of the card, first draw a Christmas tree, using coloured pencil. Avoid using ink pens because you will find it difficult to make the desired changes in case you made any mistake while drawing. The size of tree should not occupy the entire area of the front cover. Try to make it at the centre of the page so that you can write or paste something on each four sides of the paper.

    Apply brown colour to the tree itself and the branches and use simple green colour to demonstrate the leaves of the tree. Now draw coloured balls hanging with the branches of the tree and write “Marry Christmas” on top of the page. Lastly, write a greeting message to the recipient inside the card.

    You can also apply glitter on the card. Wrap up the card in a sheet and tie a ribbon on it to look more beautiful.

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    Another way of making a beautiful and attractive Christmas card is through the use of a Photo editor like Adobe Photoshop. Simply log in to Adobe and you will find many templates which can be modified for making a Christmas card. If your find this difficult, search for a decent Christmas card template on the internet and then modify it as per your desire. There are so many ways in which you can design the card; it all depends on your artistic aptitude and creativity. After making the design, you can get it printed on card paper.

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