How to Make a Mask with Foil and Duct Tape

If you need a mask for a party or an occasion such as Halloweens, consider making one at home using foil and duct tape. Making a mask out of aluminium foil and duct tape is very easy and should not take too much of your time. Furthermore, making the mask at home allows you the liberty of using various craft pieces to make the mask look one of a kind.

Things Required:

– Scissors
– Heavy-duty aluminium foil
– String or elastic
– Wooden dowel
– Duct tape
– Acrylic paint and brushes
– Glitter, glue, beads, feathers or other craft supplies


  • 1

    With a pair of scissors, cut a piece of heavy-duty aluminium foil approximately 18 to 20 inches in length. Resize the piece of aluminium foil to fit the width of your face by folding it into thirds. Keep the creases as crisp as possible.

  • 2

    Embed you facial details on the aluminium foil by pressing the foil against your face. Make use of your fingers to press the foil. You may have to press a little harder to completely transfer the bone structure and the structure of your nose onto the foil.

  • 3

    Adjust the size of the foil by trimming it around the edges. Make holes around the nose and eyes area. Remember to cut the holes a little larger than necessary. This will make breathing and seeing through the mask easier for you.

  • 4

    You will need to attach a rubber string or piece of elastic to the mask so that it can be held in place. Make holes on both sides of the aluminium foil for this purpose and attach the rubber string. Skip this step in case you plan to make a handheld mask.

  • 5

    Hold the mask firmly pressed against your face with one hand and apply duct tape in small pieces onto the mask with the other hand.

  • 6

    Finally, add extra details to the mask by using paint, feathers, beads and other craft supplies. Adding too many details may ruin the look of the mask altogether. For this reason, you should decorate the mask only moderately. If you skipped Step 4, attach a small wooden dowel to the bottom edge of the mask in order to make it handheld.

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