How to Make an American Flag

In 1776, the American colonists decided that it was time to separate from the United Kingdom. The reasons were many, and the result was the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, which proclaimed the creation of a new nation.

There have been different variations of the American flag over the years and the current design with 50 stars was given by Robert G. Heft in 1958.

Nowadays, most people happily wear T-shirts, ties and other items with images of the American flag.

There are different ways of making the American flag. You can draw it on paper, make it on a computer or sew it if you have the necessary fabric and sewing machine.

Things Required:

– Pencil
– Pen
– Brush
– Marker
– Scissor
– Fabric
– Paper
– Sharpener
– Rubber
– Sewing machine
– Computer


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    The easiest way to make a flag is to draw it on paper. You need just three colours for this purpose including Red, Navy Blue and White. Now, it is your choice to use a pencil, pen, marker or a brush. You can also choose a different medium for drawing such as an oil painting, glass painting or fabric painting etc. First of all, make a rectangle with the help of a scale. Now draw a square on top left corner inside the rectangle. Fill the square with the colour of blue and leave space for fifty stars which represent the total number of states in the USA. Lastly, draw double lines inside the rectangle other than the square section and apply the red colour between these lines.

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    After drawing the American flag on a piece of paper, you will have a clear idea of how to give it a tangible form while using fabric. Buy fabric, preferably silk, consisting of three colours: red, blue and white respectively. Cut the white fabric to make a star-shape with the help of sharp scissors. Make fifty stars and sew them on to the fabric (blue) with the help of a sewing machine. Now, sew the piece of cloth (white stars on blue background) to the right corner of the entire piece of cloth (white). Lastly, cut the cloth (Red) into identical lengths and sew them onto the cloth with regular intervals.

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    You can also make the American flag on your computer using any type of illustration software. There are als0 many templates that you can d0wnload from the internet that allow you to have the perfect frame of the American flag. All that is left is to add some colour and print it out.

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