How to Use Fimo Clay Molds

Not only children like to play with clay, many artists and hobbyists also use clay to make elegant items. Just like pottery, Fimo clay is also used to make many such ornaments, jewellery, sculptures, doll making, decorative objects and other projects. Fimo clay is just a brand of polymer clay widely used by many artists. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures in the market and you can choose it according to your need. Fimo is an excellent medium for children’s crafts and you can use it in moulds to form different shapes.


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    Take Fimo clay out of the packet and start kneading it for several minutes before you use it, as it might get a bit stiff while remaining in the packing. You can roll and squash it with your hands until you feel it getting warm and softer. A food processor, pasta machine, rolling pin, any such thing can be effectively used for making the Fimo clay workable.

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    You better place a layer of Plexiglas or any waxed paper on your working surface to make it non-sticky for Fimo clay.

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    If you feel the clay is a bit too soft, you can press it between two sheets of white paper. If the clay gets too hard to work with, you can apply a clay softener for making it workable.

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    You can also mix different colours of clay to make shades of your own. For instance, if you desire to make a light colour, you can mix 1 part of the colour to 8 parts of white clay. Keep experimenting with the ratio of clays to obtain your desired colour.

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    Once you get the desired colour and the clay is soft enough to work with, you can use a mould or any other object to press against the clay and have an imprint on it.

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    You can apply metallic or pearlised powders to the clay before you start the baking process. Pearlescent powder gives a pearl finish if you apply it to white clay.

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    Now you have to bake the Fimo clay to make the objects hard. You can simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions about baking the clay.

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    Once baked properly, let the ornaments cool down completely and then start painting them as required. Use acrylic paints for Fimo clay and then apply a coat of varnish to give the shiny finishing touch.

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