Make a Fruit Vase Centerpiece

Natural is beautiful. Fresh fruits in glass vases make a beautiful sight for onlookers. This piece of decoration can be done on weddings, parties and even as normal routine decor around the place. It is a do it yourself project that can be completed in less than half an hour with very little effort. Since it uses simple stuff from the home, it is also an inexpensive way to decorate a table.

The vase looks appealing anywhere you put it, especially on a dining table. You can change the fruits according to the season and preference with ease. Let’s get started with our step by step guide.

Things Required:

– Glass vase
– Fruits (could be anything like lime, oranges)
– Marbles
– Water


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    Find a vase:

    Transparent glass jars are the best option for this vase because they let display the true colours of the fruits. If you have a glass jar lying vacant, clean it up and dry it for the purpose. If not, simple glass jars are easily available in home decor stores. What is important is the shape of the glass and the arrangement of fruits you make in it.

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    Fill the bottom of the glass jar with decorative marbles. Marbles are available in both colourful clear options. However since we want the attention to be focused on the fruits, use clear marbles. Marbles add versatility to your jar. The height of the marbles depends on your own creative preference. It is best to gently scatter them on the bottom of the jar and not over do them.

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    Place fruit:

    Choose any fruit that you want to exhibit. The choice of fruit depends on the theme of the decor according to colours, season and your own personal preference. Limes, lemons and mangoes do great in summers while winter fruits like apples, oranges and pomegranates have their own vibrancy. Try to choose fruits that are hard and will keep fresh for long. You can also mix up a variety of fruit. You can slice the fruits to bring out enhanced colours.

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    hard fruits
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    Add water:

    After you arrange the fruits in an order that pleases your aesthetic sense, fill the jar with water. Pour in water slowly till the top. The water gives the jar a whole new crystalline effect and makes it just the perfect centrepiece. However do take care that pouring water in does not disturb the arrangement of the fruits inside the vase. Place your centrepiece on the desired location and admire your creativity with satisfaction now.

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    add water

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