25 Extraordinary Uses for Old Newspapers

Do you have a subscription to your local newspaper? Many people do. In fact, people like you and me buy nearly fifty-five million newspapers every year. After we read the day’s news, cut out a coupon or two, and solve the daily crossword puzzle, they become “old newspapers”. So, then what can we do with them? Myself, I reuse, as well as, recycle them. Other than informing and entertaining us, a newspaper actually has many other worthwhile uses.

Here’s my list of twenty-five unique ways that you can use old newspapers:

Around the House:
1. Temporarily block the sun from streaming in windows.
2. Spread sheets of newspapers out and make clothing patterns
3. Dampen and spread over window glass to protect it when you paint.
4. Line and protect closet shelves and drawer bottoms
5. Place folded newspapers on the floor as a mat for wet shoes or muddy boots.
6. Make fire logs out of old newspapers. Roll sheets of newspapers up tightly in the shape of a log. Tie them tight with string and use them in your fireplace or on a camp fire.
7. Do you still have some old 45 or other type of vinyl records? Store them safely by placing old newspapers in between each one.
8. Ball up half sheets and let Kitty play with them. Cats love the crinkling noise.
9. Place balls of old newspapers inside leather shoes, purses, and in suitcases. They
help leather items keep their shape. They also help deodorize them.

In the Garage…
10. Use old newspapers to polish windows to a streak-free shine. Also great for polishing chrome.
11. Your auto have a fluid leak? Place sheets underneath your car when it’s parked in the garage to protect the floor.
12. If your auto’s parked outside in the winter weather, lay old newspapers on the windshield so you don’t have to clean off ice and snow in the morning.

In the Garden…
13. Spread out sheets of newspaper between plants in your garden to keep weed growth down. Cheaper than black plastic!
14. Make mulch for your garden.
15. Bring green tomatoes in the house and wrap them in old newspapers. Place them in a dark, cool area, and they will ripen nicely.
16. Expecting a frost? Cover vulnerable garden plants with tents made out of newspapers.
17. Fold them over and kneel on them when you’re working in the garden.
18. Transport fresh flowers in damp newspaper to keep them fresh longer.

19. Buy some glue, long sticks, string, and let your kids make kites.
20. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with confetti made from old newspapers.
21. Let the kids keep busy on a rainy day. Let them make paper chains, hand puppets, or costumes.
22. Make a kid’s birthday party fun! Use filled balloons, flour, water, and strips of old newspapers to create a piÃ?±ata.
23. Wrap up glass and other breakables in thick sheets of newspaper before you pack them to move.
24. Temporarily cover up a broken window until you can get it repaired.
25. Use strips of newspaper in place of litter in your kitty’s box.

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