Floam is Perfect for Playtime Modeling

Parents and child-care workers are finding the newest rage in playtime is Floam. Floam replaces the modeling clay of old, like Play-Do, with modern micro-foam beads in a self-bonding mixture. Non-toxic and safe for young children, Floam is an inspiration for brightening up those boring afternoons, or relieving the cabin fever blues.

Floam is a unique texture to touch and work with, adding more silly fun to the molding activities. It is reusable, and like modeling clay, there is the option of drying the project into a stiff object. Items that need to be lightweight and stiff, such as a king’s crown or jewelry, is possible with Floam, where other modeling clay is just too heavy to allow for dainty details and thin framework.

As a parent, I dreaded Play-Do playtime. Imagination was restricted to what you could form from a colored clay clump. It wasn’t much fun then, and I didn’t think it was fun now. I would have to clean up the mess on the table, or the floor. I fell in love with Floam from the first touch. The best part is that your hands still feel clean after playing with Floam. Cleanup is a breeze with just a quick wipe from a wet rag. It even gets out of hair easy.

A variety of colors blend with the child’s creativity, forming an interesting and uncountable array of possible art projects. Floam colors can also be mixed in different amounts with each other to form a large color selection library. These mixtures can be as visually soft or harsh and as tightly or loosely mixed as needed to form wild swirls and patches.

Light switch plate covers, photo frames toys and more can be decorated to match the child’s look or mood. Since Floam sticks to just about anything, just about everything can be a Floam work of art. Mirrors, mugs and other glassware are not immune to Floam decorators, but then again neither is shoes, skateboards, scooters or bikes.

The sky is not the limit with Floam. Due to its air-light weight and hardening ability, models of the solar system, or the strands of human DNA, can be created for Science projects. Maps, animals, body parts, it is all quick and easy with the soft pressed molding Floam.

In younger children terms, it can be the letters of the alphabet or numerals made and taught. Then as the child’s understanding grows, the single items can be broadened into words, short sentences, basic counting and math skills. Floam has a fun feel, so children are naturally attracted to the learning process.

The residue from Floam is easily cleaned, unlike other modeling substances on the market. This product isn’t just another mess maker. Some people makes a homemade Floam type of substance from a recipe that can be found on the internet. This recipe calls for Borax which is not an ingestible substance. Between Floam and the homemade type, I would choose Floam because small children are quick to put things in their mouth. The homemade type of Floam also has more residue.

Parents are happy with the reasonable Floam price as well. As most parents will tell you, a rainy afternoon spent creating with Floam is much more desirable than the pouting, grumpy child that is bored and irritated due to the weather. The fact that Floam is reusable brings this product into the super cheap cost range. It can be bought at Walgreens, Walmart and other local stores as well as on the internet.

The tubs of Floam are comparable in size to that of other modeling compounds on the market. Considering that Floam is widely used for stiffening projects, it is quickly used up. Many customers find themselves wishing that they had bought more. The large size tub is still only 8 ounces. A larger tub is not sold on the market however, it should be.

Like most other toys, children should be supervised by an adult during play. Floam is a food grade substance, which means although ingestion isn’t desirable; a small amount of ingestion will not cause harm. Childcare providers can easily do Floam cleanup right after play. If Floam is allowed to dry onto painted surfaces, removal might be difficult.

Floam literally sends the modeling clay of yesterday into the trash. This unique product is growing in popularity. For a few months, Floam was the focus of a shortage epidemic, much like the Cabbage Patch dolls in the early 1980s. Complaints to the Better Business Bureau abounded, along with complaints to Nickelodeon channel where it was advertised even during the product shortage. Many costumers assumed they had been ripped off when credit cards was charged for the cost and the Floam never came.

Floam has made quite an impression on children and to the parents as well. Floam is proving that it more than holds its own against the competitors, despite the company’s fallibility. Children is the true toy critics, and they still scream for Floam when the Floam commercials are on.

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