Candy Centered Egg Carton Flowers

Empty egg cartons can be used to create beautiful candy centered flowers that will help celebrate the approaching months of spring. These colorful egg carton candy flowers can be given as gifts or used to decorate the home or office. Consider making egg carton candy flowers as a group project. Adults and kids love making these simple but pretty spring posies, and they love eating the candy centers just as much!

After these flowers are decorated, it’s hard to believe they were made from empty egg cartons and foil wrapped chocolates. This is a great way to recycle and reuse egg cartons that would otherwise be thrown away, and it’s a creative way to give a sweet gift to a friend or loved one.

Necessary Supplies to Make a Dozen Egg Carton Candy Flowers

1 Empty Egg Carton
12 Green Pipe Cleaners
12 Foil-wrapped Candy Kisses
Craft Glue
Pointed Craft Scissors
Wide-tip Markers in Various Colors
Colorful Ribbon for a Bow

Optional Supplies

Foam egg cartons may be used in place of cardboard egg cartons. Foam egg cartons are available in several pastel colors, and if they are used in place of cardboard egg cartons, markers won’t be necessary.

Fine glitter may be used to embellish finished egg carton flowers. Simply spread a thin layer of glue on areas you wish to apply glitter, and sprinkle a moderate amount of glitter over the glue. Shake off any excess glitter, and allow the glue to dry completely.

Candy kisses are available in more varieties than just basic foil-wrapped chocolates. Candy kisses come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. Consider using pastel colored foil-wrapped candies to make a bouquet of spring flowers. If the egg carton flowers you intend on making are for Valentine’s Day, consider using red or pink foil covered candies. Choose candy according to the occasion, or choose foil-wrapped candy according to the types or colors of egg carton flowers you intend on making.


Begin making flowers by cutting out the cups from a cardboard egg carton. Design the petals by trimming the edges of the egg carton cups. Create daffodils by making pointed petals. Tulips can be made by rounding off the ends of the petals. Make beautiful egg carton daisies by rounding off and folding back the petals. Be creative and make your favorite variety of flowers or use your imagination and develop a new type of flower. The flower options for color and design are virtually endless.

After designing the heads of the egg carton flowers, color them using wide-tip markers. Color the egg carton cups to look like actual flowers, or be imaginative and make a rainbow bouquet. Real flowers have veins and natural variations, so feel free to experiment and blend colors to create unique creations of nature. From a distance your finished egg carton flowers will look realistic.

The next step is to attach the stems to the egg carton flower heads. Push the end of a pipe cleaner through the base of the first colored egg carton flower. If necessary, carefully poke a hole through the egg carton flower base using pointed craft scissors. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner over so the stem remains attached to the flower head. Continue with this process until all flower heads are attached to pipe cleaner stems.

Now it’s time to attach the chocolate candy centers to the egg carton flowers. Put a moderate amount of glue on the flat side of each wrapped candy kiss, and hold each one in place for a minute or two until firmly attached. Place the egg carton flowers in a vase or glass where they can dry undisturbed for approximately 24 hours.

Adding the Finishing Touches

After the glue has dried completely, finish the egg carton flower bouquet by wrapping a colorful ribbon around the flower stems. Tie a beautiful bow, and present these unique flowers to someone special. They will enjoy the beauty of the colorful flowers and the thoughtfulness of this cheerful spring gift. The candy may be eaten if the wrapper remains intact after the gluing process. Wrappers left on the egg carton flower centers can be creatively twisted into shiny foil swirls.

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