How to Frame a Room Corner

Adding a room in the corner of your house can provide you with extra space to use. With basic skills and the right tools, you can easily get this job done. Although you can frame the wall on your own, it is better to get a helper so you can frame the room faster. So what are you waiting for? If you have some unfinished space in your house, consider adding a room to increase the living space. It is recommended to use licensed plumbers and electricians as local building codes require you to acquire only the licensed professionals.


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    Firstly, consider measuring the dimensions of the room you want to frame. It is recommended to use a chalk line or a pencil to mark the outline of the two new walls to be framed. Similarly, mark the outline height and width of the door to be framed and use the same chalk line to outline the dimensions.

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    It is advised to align the pressure treated stud with the chalk line. This will help you mark the height and the width of the door to be framed on the stud. Now consider cutting two studs to 70 inches and lay them on the floor right next to the pressure treated stud. Use king studs and place outside the door marks. Cut a 1 ½ to by 10 header, 4.5 inches wide and lay it above the triggers, between the king studs.

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    Starting at each king stud, mark the pressure treated stud at 15 inch intervals. Place two studs against the king studs, right opposite the sill plate. This will determine the wall layout. Consider repeating the same process for determining the layout for the other wall as well.

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    Now use a drilling machine to drill holes in each stud and use screw to connect the sill plate at a 30 degree angle. Nail the kind studs to the header above the triggers. Attach the top plates to the top ends of the kind studs using a nail hammer.

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    When you raise the wall make sure it sits exactly on the chalk line markings. Use a hammer to connect the floor and ceiling joints. This can be done by hammering the side of the top plate. Position a fire block between studs and nail it to the king studs to complete the wall.

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