How to Make a Watermelon Ribbon Basket

Any food looks more delicious when presented with appropriate garnishing. You might have eaten fruits countless times but imagine how delicious fruits will look when presented to you inside a basket made up of a watermelon. A watermelon ribbon basket filled with fruit salad might seem perfect for a summer shower or outdoor reception. You can also use other large fruits to make the basket but the round shape and size of a watermelon makes it very appropriate for making this centrepiece. You will need to follow some simple steps and the finished products will be extremely elegant.

Things Required:

– a large size melon
– utility knife
– tablespoon or a scoop
– fruits of your choice


  • 1

    Choose a large size ripened watermelon for making the basket. Make sure its outer rind is completely free from any blemishes or rotten spots, as they will look extremely unpleasant on the fruit basket.

  • 2

    You better measure the height of the watermelon while placing it on surface of a table. The bottom half of the watermelon is to be made the base of the basket to be filled by fruit and you have to make markings on it. Use a well sharpened knife for marking the watermelon before you start cutting it.

  • 3

    Score a line around the perimeter of the watermelon right at the centre of it. Once you have divided the watermelon in two equal halves, you need to determine the mid-point of the top half and mark it with the knife.

  • 4

    Score two lines, one to the right and the other to the left of the mid-point and reaching the middle horizontal line. Make sure the two lines are about two inches wide. This is to become the handle of the basket later.

  • 5

    Use the knife to cut along the two lines, first from the left outer edge to the left side of the handle and then the same on the other side. You can use these two large watermelon wedges for making watermelon balls later and fill them into the basket.

  • 6

    Now you can easily scoop out the watermelon from the base and the inside of the handle using a tablespoon and knife.

  • 7

    You can used the carved out watermelon to make watermelon balls and add more fruits, like pineapple tidbits, orange slices, apples, bananas, strawberries, cherries and any other fruit you desire, to the basket.

  • 8

    Tying a ribbon bow on top of the basket’s handle will make it look even better and make it more colourful.

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