How to Make Decorated Votive Candles

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or any other religious ceremony, candles will be needed for many purposes besides the mentioned ones. Children prefer to have decorative and fancy candles for their birthdays and Christmas celebrations. You can make your own decorative votive candles at home and they won’t cost you much. You can choose the colours of your own choice and decorate them according to your requirement and taste. Making decorative candles does not require any intense effort or labour and it won’t take more than few minutes to conclude the process.


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    The first step involved in making decorative candles is to prepare wax. You can find powdered wax from a super store and need to melt it yourself to give it your desired shape. Use a double boiler to melt the powdered wax.

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    Once the wax is thoroughly melted and the temperature reaches 150 degrees, you have to add the colours of your choice. Particular scents can also be added to the wax if you desire them to give pleasant smell while burning.

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    Take a shallow tray and pour the liquid wax into it, making a 1/8 inch this layer. Wait until it properly solidifies and be careful not to burn your hand by touching the hot wax.

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    Once the wax is completely cooled down, take it out of the tray and set it aside.

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    Repeat these steps until you have many trays of different coloured wax. It depends how many candles you wish to prepare and you have to prepare the wax according to it.

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    Use an old knife or pizza cutter to make different sized rectangles on the wax tray and cut them out in form of thin chips. Apply sufficient force to the knife while cutting the wax, as it can get reasonably hard in cold weather.

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    Take out your votive or any glass container for making the candles. Fill the votive with colourful chips of wax.

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    Insert a wick into in the centre of the wax chips when the votive is half-filled and then add more chips fill it up.

  • 9

    You need to melt more of the clear wax powder in the double boiler. Pour this hot, melted wax on the colourful chips slowly and fill the votive.

  • 10

    Let the wax cool and then remove it from the votive. Your decorative candle is ready!

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