How to Get a Bohemian Bedroom Theme

The Bohemian style is unique and expressive. Many people try to get inspired form this style and try to decorate their rooms with a Bohemian theme. This type of a theme is very different and requires the use of many colours. Everything in the room including your bed, walls, floor, and furniture should be prominent and well decorated.

The furniture usually has animal print on it and the bed sheets are also printed with graphic designs. There is a combination of random pictures on the walls and the paint is pleasing to the eye.


  • 1

    Use printed furniture

    Firstly, it is important that you use printed furniture in your room. Animal prints are most common in this type of theme. You can use zebra print on the chairs or the cushions in the room to give a Bohemian look.

  • 2

    Use faded colours for paint

    The walls of your room should be painted with faded colours. There are a host of colours that can be used for this purpose. Make sure you do not select colours that are bright and teasing to the eye. The wall should be a simple one so that all the other colours in the room can be prominent.

  • 3

    Decorate with pictures

    There should be many pictures in the room. There is no obligation on what type of pictures you need to hang on the walls. Pictures in Bohemian themed rooms are mostly random ones which necessarily do not match the walls and the furniture. The idea of random pictures gives the room a unique look.

  • 4

    Keep the room colourful

    Keep things of many different colours in the room. You can place lamps, decorations and tables of different colours to decorate the room. Make sure the things are not very bright in colour as striking colours are not a part of Bohemian style. Use colours that are pleasing to the eye.

  • 5

    Use printed bed sheets

    The Bohemian beds are also very colourful. You can use bed sheets with unique prints. They can also be animal prints of different colours. One other thing you can do is to place many different coloured pillows that all match the print on the spread.

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