How to Sell Your True Life Story to Hollywood

In a world of nearly seven billion people, there would be countless life stories that can make a blockbuster record breaking Hollywood film. But a very few are actually filmed. That is natural because not everyone gets the idea that his life story is worth being filmed, not everyone knows how to script their true life stories and most of the people who actually do script their life stories, are never able to get the attention of a Hollywood producer.

If you think that your true life story is worth being filmed and would make a Hollywood blockbuster, you can make huge money out of it if you just know how to sell the story.


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    Before preparing the actual script of your life story, just prepare a two-to-three page synopsis. Briefly describe cover the main aspects such as the characters, the basic premise and similar things.

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    Send a copy of the synopsis to Writers Guild of America and get it registered which will cost you $20. Registration with Writers Guild of America protects the story in the synopsis from being copied by someone else.

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    Now you need to compile a list of producers who are actually looking for true life stories. Use ‘Fade In’ magazine to begin with because it publishes a directory of Hollywood producers. The directory is updated thrice a year. You can also use internet for this purpose. A google search can be very helpful.

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    Prepare a brief query letter which should contain relevant details such as a logline, the reason you are writing the query letter and your personal background. Send the query letter to all the Hollywood producers you chose in the earlier step via email or regular post mail.

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    If the query letter you wrote was spectacular and your idea was stellar to the producer’s eye, you will be contacted by a producer requesting a meeting in person. Be patient because this may take weeks or even months.

    Arrange a meeting. Make sure that you are fully prepared and can answer any questions you are asked about your life story by the producer. If you are lucky, the producer will find your story interesting. At this point you need to hire an agent to help you sell your work to the producer at a fair price.

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    It will be your agent’s duty to negotiate terms and conditions with the producer. Your agent will try to get you the best price because when the deal is negotiated, the agent will get a 10 percent commission of the money you make.

    Once the contract terms have been negotiated, it is time for you to sign the contract with the production company and enjoy life because after that, you will have a lot of money in your bank account.

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