How To Make a Party Hat & Banner

For preparing a party for kids, you need to do a lot of creative things which should be liked by them. You have to decorate your home with all the things that makes it look colourful and lively. You have to make sure whatever you are doing for party must be according to your kid’s preferences. Apart from setting table, deciding food, and costumes for kids, there are other little things that should be given some importance too, like party hats and banners. You can buy the hats and banners from the specific shops but making them yourself according to party themes will be good. You can even ask your kids to participate in the process.

Things Required:

–          Scrapbook papers
–          Ribbons
–          Crepe paper
–          Scissors
–          Elastic cords
–          Stapler
–          Glue
–          Pom poms


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    Making hats is not difficult, first take a scrapbook paper, fold it in a half and cut it in a V-shape. Then cut the base in a half circle. Staple one end with another, and then stick both sides with glue. Make two small holes on opposite side each and tie a piece of elastic cord on it. The hat is ready to wear.

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    This does not look attractive enough, so take a crepe paper and make fringes on its one side. When you end up with it stick the crepe paper at the edge of hats. Do not forget to stick pom pom on the top of the hat. You can make hats more colourful by using different colours crepe papers and pom poms on each hat.

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    There are lots of ways to make your hats more appealing, you can take printed scrapbook papers, stick cartoon characters, and write your themes or birthday girl/boy’s name on it. You can do anything you like.

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    For making banners, you need to cut cards in any shape you like but do not make it look odd by cutting one big shape and others small. Write alphabets on each card like if you want to write ‘birthday’ then start first card with B, make holes on top corners of each card and pass ribbon from them. Your banner is ready, Stick or tie it wherever you want.

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    These little things shows your creativity and hand made things always get more praises then the one you buy from shops. Decorate your homes and enjoy the party.

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