Homemade Wrapping Paper Ideas

We’ve all found ourselves without wrapping paper for a last-minute present, and when discovering there isn’t any wrapping paper, it’s sometimes necessary to improvise. It’s not always convenient to run to the store, and wrapping paper isn’t exactly cheap.

Everyone likes to unwrap a special gift, especially kids, so instead of giving an unwrapped present or making an unplanned trip to the store, consider the following ideas for homemade wrapping paper. These creative gift wrap ideas are great for last-minute gifts, and these ideas can also save a considerable amount of money.

Make the next present you give extra special by wrapping it in homemade wrapping paper. Homemade wrapping paper is often more decorative and impressive than the store-bought variety, and it can make an ordinary present extraordinary.

Aluminum Foil and Colored Plastic Wrap

Wrapping a gift in aluminum foil isn’t a new concept, but wrapping a gift in aluminum foil and covering the foil with colored plastic wrap gives an old standby a whole new look. Simply wrap your present with a sheet of aluminum foil, with the shiny side out, and press the foil into place. Tightly cover the foil-wrapped gift with colored plastic wrap. You don’t even need tape for this creatively wrapped gift.

Kids and Plain White Paper

If your child is going to another child’s birthday party and you discover you’re out of wrapping paper, don’t panic. White shelf paper or construction paper and coloring supplies will solve the problem.

Have your child draw and color their favorite designs, and add special birthday wishes. If you really want to get creative have your child add designs with glitter glue, puff paint, stickers, or any other decorative touches you desire. Wrap the gift with this creative homemade wrapping paper, and your child’s gift is ready to go.

Wrap a Very Special Baby Gift

If you’d rather not spend extra money on wrapping paper for a baby gift, consider wrapping the gift with a useable item. A receiving blanket is great for wrapping a baby gift. Simply wrap the gift with a receiving blanket, and instead of using tape, secure the ends with colorful diaper pins.

Instead of a simple bow, tie baby rattles or other toys to curling ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the gift, curl the ribbon as usual, and tie on small toys of your choice. The recipient of your gift will find the creative wrap and embellishments quite useful.

Old Mylar Balloons

When foil balloons lose their helium, don’t throw them away. Mylar balloons make wonderful gift bags. After your fancy balloon has lost its pizzaz, simply cut off the top, and use the balloon as a decorative gift bag. Line the inside with shredded colored tissue paper, place the goodies inside, and tie the top with a colorful ribbon.

To make this impromptu gift bag even fancier so it looks more like a gift bag and less like a discarded balloon, trim the top with decorative edge scissors. Your last-minute gift bag will look like a work of art, and no one will realize it was made with a discarded balloon.

If the balloon is adorned with a picture that would be upside down if filled from the top, simply make the top the bottom. Cut off both ends, and tie each side with curling ribbon. The gift will be encased inside a foil wrapper that makes it look like a fancy wrapped piece of candy.

Unique Going-Away Gift Wrap

If someone you care for is moving away, wrap his or her going away present with paper that’s far more appropriate than regular wrapping paper. Obtain a map of the area where your friend or loved one is moving, and wrap their very special gift with the map. This homemade map wrap is guaranteed to be far more creative than any other wrapping paper you could possibly use.

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