How to Carve Pumpkins with Small Children

Carved pumpkins are mostly displayed during the Halloween. However, you can also use them as decoration pieces in your house. Although, you can easily avail the carved pumpkins made up of plastics from different stores, but if you don’t want to miss all the fun, you can carve them on your own with the small children.

Things Required:

– A pumpkin
– A serrated knife
– A permanent or dry-erase marker
– Newspaper or brown bags
– Candles or LED lights
– An x-acto knife for pith carving or small details (optional)
– A spoon or scoop (optional)


  • 1

    First of all, you have to decide the design which you would like to carve on the pumpkin. Discuss the design with all the children and take their suggestions. You can also ask them to draw their favourite designs on the paper and then choose the best one from them.

  • 2

    After deciding the design, you have to draw the design on the pumpkin with the help of a pencil. If you are carving pumpkin for the first time, you should make a design of jack-o’-lantern which is quite easy for the starters.

  • 3

    It will be better for you to get as many pumpkins as you can to provide all the children with one. However, if you cannot have so many pumpkins, you can make group of the children to carve one pumpkin. If you have only one pumpkin, you can ask every to carve it one by one to add their share.

  • 4

    You can also carve a design of silhouette. Even though, it is quite difficult to carve, but you can make it easier by tracing it on a piece of paper and then drawing it with the help of a pencil.

  • 5

    If you want to make your pumpkin more attractive, you can add different colours to it. But, you must use the paint prudently, otherwise the pumpkin will become unattractive. After applying the paint, you must give keep the pumpkin aside for a while to dry.

  • 6

    In order to make the carved area more visible, you can put a light into the pumpkin. If you intend to display the carved pumpkin during the night, you must put a light in it. However, if you are making it to be displayed during the morning, you can simply use some bright colours to make it attractive.

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