How to Make a Book Dust Jacket

Books are one of the best friends that one can have. They allow a person to learn a lot about the world, and how things work in it. They can stick around for a long time but in order to keep them in a good condition, it is important that they are well protected.

Having a dust jacket can certainly help the books remain in good shape and protected from dust, which can cause damage. Making one of these is not difficult and can be done with relative ease.

Things Required:

– Cardboard paper
– Markers
– Jacket paper
– Scissors
– Measurement Tape or ruler


  • 1

    Jacket Paper

    You can get some jacket paper from your local bookstore for the purpose of protecting your book. If you cannot find it in the store or are looking to make it yourself, you can also do that. Buy a cardboard paper with decent thickness. Once you have these, you are ready to get underway for the next step.

  • 2

    Cut it to Size

    The next step is to cut the cardboard to size as per the book. Generally an 11” x 17”works but make sure that you get the measurements of the book you are making the dust jacket for. Always keep an extra inch on all sides of the book.

  • 3

    Crease the Corners

    Measure how much excess cardboard is there and turn it make to straight crease at the corners. Use a ruler to make sure that the job is done in a precise manner. Also crease the spine of the book.

  • 4

    Put it on

    The side panels of the jacket will fold in with the book’s hardback. Make sure that the jacket is not too tight as it will make the book reading a touch tough. The panels on the bottom will be folded but will not be enveloping the lower part of the book hardback.

  • 5

    Customise it

    There are many options when it comes to customisation. You can use the markers and pencil colours in order to make the cover look nice. You can write the name of the book, make corners or add any kind of text and graphic combinations that you find interesting. Some innovation on the cover can also be done.

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