How to Frame a Canvas Art Print

Painting pictures on canvas’ is rather fun. In fact, if you are an artist and you haven’t painted on a canvas, then you can’t really call yourself an artist in the first place.

Painting on a canvas really helps you get the best out of your work, and makes your piece of art a whole lot better than the real thing.

However, one common problem that most people have when they are done with their art work, is when they have to go ahead and frame it. They aren’t quite sure as to how they are going to go about it.

This tends to cause a lot of problems, and on occasions it leads to people completely wasting their work of art, due to their inability to frame their work.


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    The first thing you need to focus on doing, is to spread and stretch the canvas. Do this rather carefully, since any slight mess-ups could result in you tearing up the canvas altogether. Stretch the canvas as much as you can, since you really want it to spread out.

    You don’t want the canvas to sag or become droopy later on in life, which is why extra attention needs to be given to the artwork at this point in time.

    You may use the aids of stretching tools at this point if your canvas is far too big.

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    Spray gloss varnish

    Now the next step to framing your canvas is to spray it with a gloss varnish spray. Don’t invest in any fancy kinds of sprays, and get the most basic one out there.

    Make sure you coat the entire painting with this, but do so very lightly. This is a method by which you are going to make your work water and light resistant. In doing so, you are significantly increasing the life of your work.

    Don’t spray the work in a dusty or dirty room, since you don’t want dust to get attached to your pictures.

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    Place and hang

    The last step is for you to go ahead and frame your piece of art. Place it inside the frame like a normal picture, and make sure that it is centered. You can leave some space around the picture for a matte finish.

    You may also paint on the edges to give your work an even more distinct look then the one it already has.

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