How to Paper Mache Over Chicken Wire

Ever wondered how people manage to make such amazing sculptures? You can make one too if you learn to paper mache over chicken wire. Paper mache is a commonly used compound for building sculptures. The chicken wire here provides it with the perfect foundation that is strong enough to hold it and flexible enough to be molded into shapes for a sculpture. The art of paper maching over wire is essential for both amateurs and professionals. It allows you to build large structures. The chicken wire is useful for building skeletons of the project and the mache build up on it. It is really simple and useful. Our step by step guide will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment as you learn this new technique.

Things required:

– Wire cutters
– Heavy-duty work gloves
– Masking tape
– Strips of newspaper
– Flour
– Water


  • 1

    Make the drawing:

    Make a plan of what you want to achieve. Make a sketch of the sculpture you want to make with the dimensions and shape. It is going to help you determine the amount of chicken wire and paper mache you need and you will not get lost or confused during the project if you make a plan first.

    Chicken wire comes in square feet. Use a rough sketch to measure the amount of wire you are going to need.

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    Buy the chicken wire. It is time to build the skeleton for the project. Put on your gloves. Take reference from your sketch and start making out the structure. Use wire cutters to cut out wires wherever needed. Where you need to join different ends, simple bent them into each other, twisting to make a strong knot. If you have sharp ends left out, bend them inside the structure so that they do not simply stick out. The wire is pretty flexible and you can make a solid strong structure by twisting the parts into one another.

  • 3

    Once you have the structure made, start applying paper mache on it. The mache is created by mixing newspapers, flour and water. The first layer will not stick so eagerly so use paper tape. After the first layer is securely deposited, the other ones will adhere to each other easily. Build up on the mache until you fill out the form.

    You can use recycled paper, cardboard and old newspapers to make the mache.

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