How to Scrapbook Bad Pictures

Hobbies of people vary significantly from each other. However, picture scrapbooking has been adopted as a hobby from a very long time. It does not matter what your hobby is, what matters is how good you are at performing your hobby. Mostly, people like to keep good memories. For this, they tend to keep the pictures of happiest moments of their life in scrapbook while others prefer to keep stamp or coin collections. Not to mention, some people find scrapbooking bad pictures very amusing and that is why they keep track of their bad pictures.


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    Choose a theme for your scrapbook

    After you have made up your mind to keep a scrapbook for your bad pictures, it is of utmost importance that you choose a suitable theme for your scrapbook. For this, you must choose a colour that suits your preferences and will back the pictures pasted onto the scrapbook. You should also survey the market a little bit and choose the quality of scrapbook carefully. Remember that the colour theme of your scrapbook will play a detrimental role in the presentation, thus you must choose it wisely.

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    Assemble photographs

    After you have chosen the theme and quality of scrapbook, you must start looking in your photographs to identify your bad pictures. It is up to you whether you want to scrapbook bad pictures from your childhood or from the recent pictures. You must look into all of your pictures and separate your bad ones. For this, you must take out all the bad pictures honestly and do not miss anything.

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    List down the supplies you require

    After you have gathered all of your bad pictures, you must now make a list of all supplies that you will require in order to decorate your scrapbook. Apart from scrapbook, which is a must, you might need ribbons, coloured charts, scissors, stickers and gum for your activity.

  • 4

    Purchase all the stuff

    After you have made a list of all the stuff that you need, you should pay a visit to your nearest book store and purchase all of it. You can do that by visiting the place or by ordering it over the internet.

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    Past pictures and decorate scrapbook

    Now, you should start pasting your pictures and decorate your scrapbook the way you like. Do not try to paste too many things as it might give an odd look.

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