How to Make Decorative Thanksgiving Placecards

When having the whole family together, it is usually best to plan ahead a seating chart. This way you can ensure a drama free smooth running dinner experience. In order to add a little extra class to your presentation, you may want to take a few minutes to create designer placecards. These name tags will make it much easier for everyone to determine where to sit when they arrive for dinner. Here is two such ways that you can make decorative placecards for your Thanksgiving table.

Clip-on Turkeys

To make this placecard, you will need a printout of small decorative turkeys. The images of the turkey can be found by searching Google for “Thanksgiving Turkey” and printing whatever appeals to your design taste. Just keep in mind not to print the image any larger than 2×3″ to avoid overdoing the dÃ?©cor of the table. You will also need to have one clothespin for each seat at the table. In order to adhere the image to the clothespin you will need either glue or tape. My personal recommendation would be to use wooden clothespins and Elmer’s glue.

The first step is to print out all of your turkey images and cut each one out individually. If the image printed in color you may have saved a step. If the image was in monotone, you have the option to color the turkey if desired. Once the turkeys are cut out, make a list of names for each person attending the dinner event. Going down your list, write the name of each guest on their own turkey. If you have multiple guests with the same first name, use a well-known nick name for one of those guests. Hold a clothespin in one hand and apply a couple small drops of glue to it. Take a turkey name tag and press firmly to the pin until the paper sticks. Finally, when the glasses are set at the table, walk around and clip a placecard to the front of the glass. Be sure the name is facing the chair so guests can find their names at a glance.

As an additional use for this placecard, it can become a nametag after dinner by clipping it to your guest shirt. This way if you have non-related guest in the house who may not know everyone, they freely engage in conversation with everyone without the awkwardness of not know someone’s name.

Cornucopia Cups

To make this placecard, you will need one disposable cup for each guest at the table. To decorate this cup, search Google Images for Thanksgiving Cornucopia and print a half page sized image that suits your style for the event. You will need a marker and tape to complete this project.

Once you have printed your images, each one out individually.

In the same fashion as we did with the clip-on turkeys, write each guests name on their cornucopia. To attach the image to the cup cut a piece of tape roughly one inch in length and roll it backwards around your finger attaching it back to itself. When done correctly you will have created a tape roll with the adhesive on the outer edge of the roll. Stick the tape to the backside of the image and the outside of the cup. Apply pressure to the paper and cup until the hold together.

Lay these cups on their sides so that the image of the cornucopia appears to be visually correct on the center of the plate at eat seating. Again, make sure the name is properly readable from a glance. After dinner, these cups can be used as serving utensils to hold drinks or snacks throughout the night. With the nametags on the cups, guest wont accidentally consume the treats of another.

Here’s to a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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