How to Find the Best Contemporary Art in NYC

For an art lover, there is no substitute to visiting an art gallery and that too in the evening.

If you are a New Yorker and interested in contemporary art, finding the best art galleries the city has to offer can be quite a challenging task.

However, if you stay in touch with the art community in the city, you can find a number of opportunities to witness contemporary art of various types. There are many art galleries and museums, which give exposure to young and upcoming artists. The list also includes the renowned Museum of Modern Art, which happens to be among the best places for experiencing contemporary art.


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    Register yourself with art societies

    If you do not want to miss out on any opportunity in NYC to see contemporary art, it is highly recommended that you register yourself with multiple art societies. These clubs or communities do not charge a lot, which makes it easy for you to afford 2 or 3 at least.

    These societies will keep you updated about the upcoming contemporary art exhibitions in town through letters or emails. Therefore, you must subscribe for the community letters or event invitations.

    Visiting a contemporary art exhibition through the membership of an art gallery can save you a lot of money.

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    Agora Gallery

    Located at 530 W 25th St, 1001, Agora Gallery is much more than just a physical gallery because it supports established as well as rising young artists on some famous art websites. Through a biannual magazine, Agora Gallery promotes fresh blood. Its telephone number is (212) 226-4151 and you can ask any specific details through this line.

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    Museum of Modern Art

    The Museum of Modern Art is supremely famous, with hundreds of people from all across the world visiting the museum each year. The price of the ticket is $25 for adults, $18 for senior citizens (65 plus), $14 for students and it is free for children under 16 years. It is one of the popular places in the city, offering amazing growth opportunities for young artists in the region. The address of the Museum of Modern Art is 11 W 53rd St, 10019 and the telephone number is (212) 708-9400.

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    Other art galleries

    Contemporary African Art Gallery, Luhring Augustine Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery and SOHO Gallery for Digital Art are other great places where you can find contemporary art of the highest quality.

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