How to Make Glitter Clutch

Glitter clutches add a very classic touch to dressy attires and evening gowns. They are very gorgeous and practical accessories to add to your purse collection. The glitter clutches are simple to take, making it convenient to carry a few things on the go. You can add multi-colored glitters to your simple, old or plain clutches in order to renew them amazingly.

In addition to that, you may also be tempted to make glitter clutches match various clothes in your closet. There are hundreds of options available for the styles of glitter clutches. You can simply apply glitter all over the clutch, mix various colors or make some designs with the glitter mix.

Making your own glitter clutch is super fun and a very cost effective way to personalize your style. These unique clutches are striking to carry and not difficult to make.

Things you will need to make Glitter Clutch:

– Old clutch purse
– Glue – fabric glue is preferred
– Paint Brush
– Finishing Glaze
– Glitter
– Fabric sealant


  • 1

    First of all place a piece of paper on a smooth surface and set your selected clutch purse on it.

  • 2

    Now, grab the fabric glue and apply it onto one side of the clutch, using a medium paint brush.

  • 3

    Cover the glue applied side of the clutch with the selected glitter. You can apply the glitter in one color or you can mix various glitteries to come up with a funky clutch.

    Note: Make sure to apply the glitter instantly once you apply the glue as glitter does not stick to it once it dries out.

  • 4

    Set the glitter applied clutch aside for a few minutes to dry thoroughly.

  • 5

    Now, dump the additional glitter off onto the piece of paper and turn the clutch to the other side. Fold the paper into half in order to give it a funnel shape and pour the glitter back into the bottle.

  • 6

    Dip the paint brush into the bottle of glue and apply it to the other side of the clutch. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue applied portion of the clutch until every inch is thoroughly covered.

  • 7

    Set it aside until completely dry and brush off the additional glitter.

  • 8

    Grab a good quality fabric sealant and spray it all over the glitter applied parts of the clutch in order to secure it.

  • 9

    Your glitter clutch is ready, enjoy!

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