How to Spot a Fairy in Your House

For most people, fairies are mythical and non-existent creatures but others believe that they certainly are real just like human beings. When it comes to trying to spot a fairy in your house, it may seem impossible to those who lack faith but is certainly worth giving a try when you really believe in it.

Through a meditational method of inviting the fairy, you just may be able to spot one in your own house and benefit from the presence of this mystical creature from a supernatural universe.


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    Calm and Fun

    It is a well known fact that fairies love music and an environment that will seem to be welcoming and joyful for them. Fairies also love to dance, quiver and shake. Hearing the rattling of tree leaves in and around your house when having some pleasant music on may just be a signal of a fairy being close by as you may have caught their attention.

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    Running water is another favourite of fairies. They love sparkling clean fresh water that they can bathe in and get away from the heat. Place a small bell above any big water storage you may have and make it as beautiful as possible with flowers or ornaments. If you hear some sort of ringing, you may just have attracted fairies to come and take a swim. Remember, if you hear some ringing, do not go running towards it. Instead, try and move slowly and show the fairies that you certainly do come in peace.

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    Fairy Homes

    A secret hideout of their own is something that fairies prefer to have. They use it to keep themselves safe from any sort of danger because of the amazing qualities that they possess. You can create and keep a small fairy house in your room or in the garden, somewhere which may be welcoming to the fairies around the vicinity. Just make sure that the area is not too noisy or dirty because these are two things that will always keep a fairy away.

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    Since most fairies are scared of humans, they usually go into camouflage mode and turn into different insects like dragonflies. Seeing a really bright colourful dragonfly around your house just may be an actual fairy in hiding.

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