Vintage Inspired Halloween Crafts

Vintage inspired Halloween crafts are a great way to incorporate your love of all things vintage into your Halloween d�©cor. I love to decorate with vintage items in my home. Over the years I have made quite a few Vintage inspired Halloween crafts that are perfect for decorating your home. I have a jack-o-lantern that was my grandmothers when she was a child, which has been the main inspiration for all of my vintage inspired Halloween craft projects. Here are some suggestions and ideas for creating your own vintage inspired Halloween crafts.

One of the first vintage inspired Halloween craft projects I ever did was to make a jack-o-lantern out of a metal can. It was a Folgers coffee can that was about to find its way into the garbage. I decided to use tin snips to cut out a face, then I painted the entire metal can with a rusting faux treatment kit I found at Lowe’s. I made the entire can look like it was really old. Then I put a candle in it and used I for a great centerpiece on my coffee table. I have also made this project by painting the can metal can with orange paint and then rubbing gel wood stain on it to make it look old.

For a quick vintage Halloween craft project that will really add some d�©cor to your home take some vintage canning jars and place an orange or black candle inside. Tie a vintage inspired or Halloween themed ribbon around the mouth of the jar for added detail. An avid vintage collector will love this one and it is so easy to do. I change these vintage jars and candle out with the season and I never have to buy new d�©cor for the upcoming holiday. Now that I live in a smaller space, this saves a lot of closet room.

For a little vintage Halloween tabletop d�©cor craft project perfect for a dinner party or Halloween party lay out an orange and white check table clothe, then place a vintage bucket (or a new one that looks vintage) in the middle of your table. Pile the metal vintage bucket high with pumpkins, gourds, and even apples. Finally, make some great vintage inspired Halloween napkin rings that fit into your Halloween d�©cor. I take simple ribbons, vintage ones when I can find them, and tie them around either paper or clothe napkins and set them on top of my dinner plates. Kids could easily be included by having them craft Halloween inspired napkin rings out of pipe cleaners.

To add some great vintage d�©cor to you dinner plate settings I first lay out a large dinner plate as a charger on the bottom. Orange, black, or white plates work well in the vintage Halloween theme. Then I lay some vintage Halloween cards that were my mothers when she was a little girl on top. After that I place a clear plate on top to protect the cards. You could also use black and white photos, new Halloween cards, and even photos copies of vintage Halloween cards that are too precious to risk damaging. To incorporate the kids into this you could have them do a Halloween card craft project and then use their creations under the dinner plates.

For an added vintage Halloween touch to my home decor I like to cut out silhouettes of witches riding on their broomsticks. This is a simple craft project that could be fun to do with the kids! You could also cut out screeching cats and ghosts. I paste the Halloween images on white paper. Then I frame it for a mock craft project of those silhouette cut outs that were so popular in the Victorian era. For a little personalized fun you could cut out a silhouette of each of your family members face with a witch hat on. Kids would love this. Best of all it would really personalize your home d�©cor. If your frames are meant to stand up place them facing your guest surrounding the centerpiece bucket. It will be instant conversation starters. If you need to hang them, just remove your regular framed photos and hangs theses for the Halloween holiday. They also look great lined on up a fireplace mantel.

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