How to Get the Crowd Going At a Gig

Crowd dynamics are as much a science as they can be considered a combination of luck and the right narcotics being taken by the crowd. However, there are a number of techniques that have been proven, using years of research, in order to help artists, speakers and pretty much anyone facing a crowd, to get them going and cheering you.

Whether one is a professional wrestler, an academy award winner giving their acceptance speech or even a student presenting his class  the latest project, here’s what one can do in order to be a real crowd pleaser.


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    If you happen to be a professional wrestler at a gig, the best way to get a cheer or response from the crowd is to take to the ring, grab the microphone and say out the name of the city you are in followed by the state. Make sure you stress on the name of the city more than the state. This is sure to get a positive response. If you decide to say something positive then you will get a cheer and if you say something negative then expect a few jeers. Either way, you will get the crowd going.

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    If you are a musician, then the important thing to remember is to familiarise yourself with the crowd’s preferences and their tastes. If you are playing in Texas, then start off with a cover of a famous country song, just to get the crowd to smile and be on your side. Using the same principle you may repeat this based on where and when you play.

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    Another way to get the crowd going is to score a goal, touch down or slam dunk against the home team and then run to the fans and celebrate in front of them or put a finger to your lips and ask them to ‘shush’. This will make you a legend for your fans and will make you the most hated figure for the opposing supporters. However, do not take it too far as there are chances that the regulatory governing body will be after your weekly wages afterwards. Remember that you should keep everything in good taste and not be lewd or vulgar when trying to get the crowd going in your favour.

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