How to Clean Vintage Typewriters

Vintage typewriters are a treat to purchase and own if you are in to antiques. The look of vintage typewriters can be very elegant to anyone that has ever owned one before. However, most vintage typewriters are usually not in the best condition and require some extensive cleaning. You must be careful while cleaning as some parts are delicate and almost impossible to replace if broken. If you have a vintage typewriter that requires cleaning then there a few easy methods that you can do to ensure your antique is looking good.


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    Dust off:

    Use a soft cloth and dust off the vintage typewriter thoroughly. Be sure to clean off all the dust that has accumulated on the keys. Dust off all of the areas on the outside of your vintage typewriter. Try not to use harsh chemicals and just a simple diluted solution of warm water with a little soap can do wonders.

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    Open typewriter:

    Carefully take off the front cover and continue cleaning using a soft cloth. Be very gentle as there are many mechanised parts that you do not want to break or dislodge. Also, do not forget to clean the inside back parts of the cover that you just removed. Remember to gently remove the ribbon if it is still in place.

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    Use compressed air:

    Buy a can of compressed air that is used to clean modern day computers and keyboards. You can find them at any convenient store. Gently spray the compressed air in and around the keys of your vintage typewriter. This will do a good job at taking out all of the dust from these hard to reach areas.

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    Use fine brush:

    Use a fine brush to gently clean areas within your vintage typewriter. You can find these brushes at any hardware store. Be sure that the brush is dry when cleaning.

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    Use mini vacuum:

    If you have a mini vacuum that is designed for cleaning inside your car or computer then use it to get out the dust and dirt from the inside parts of your vintage typewriter.

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    Cotton ear swabs:

    If you still have a hard time reaching certain areas of your vintage typewriter then use a small cotton ear swab. These are perfect for reaching deep inside your vintage typewriter. Remember to be gently and do not drop the ear swab inside as it might be difficult to retrieve it.

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    Put back together:

    Once you have finished cleaning everything, put the cover back on and place your vintage typewriter somewhere in a dust free environment.

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