How to Frame a Dormer with Shed Roof

Framing a dormer with shed roof is a difficult process but if you take your steps correctly, you will be able to handle the job effectively. Usually a dormer is made for extra light into a house. If you feel that your house has little natural light, you could think about creating a dormer with shed roof which will certainly help. It also provides extra head space and is a lot easier to build than gable dormers. A dormer is usually flat on an existing roof-line while the shed roof gives a complementary angle for the light to enters.


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    Importance framing a dormer with shed roof

    You should understand how important a frame dormer with shed roof can be. Small houses usually need these types of little developments for making their house livelier. Sometimes you need extra light and extra head space in the house as you can build the dormer with shed roof. There is also a gabled dormer which has a slightly different aesthetic effect. You should know the difference between these two dormers. You can get information regarding these two dormers from all types of different sources. You can use the internet for help. Nowadays the internet is somewhat the most reliable information source which will certainly guide you and help you get any information. There are also many websites available which are totally dedicated to guide you through all kinds of small details about all types of dormers. Though there are not many types of dormers but still you will get appropriate information on all kinds of dormers.

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    Proper layout

    You should determine the size of the shed dormers first and then gather other things to make it correctly. Use measuring tape to determine the exact size. Now you should draw the layout of the shed with chalk removing the shingles. After creating a fine layout, create holes with the help of drill and make four corners. Be careful and create holes only where the marks are clear.

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    Cutting ceiling

    After making the layout and create holes in the shed dormer, now is the time to cut the ceiling for installing the shed. Use a saw to cut the ceiling as it will give a fine touch as well.

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    Framing the dormer and cutting the existing roof

    Now frame the dormer and cut the existing roof. Your framing of a dormer with shed roof is now ready.  Enjoy the extra light in your rooms.

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