Easy Ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are quick and easy to make and you need very few supplies to do so. One quick and easy ornament you can make is from a bathroom tissue roll. Bathroom tissue rolls have an indentation, all the way around, so cut along this line. After doing so, you’ll have a curly-q-type of design. Even up the sides, if necessary, by trimming off any points or uneven spots. Now cut the curly-q lengthways to make two sets.

Fold a piece of ribbon in half and glue it to the point of one roll, to use for a hanger. Use spray adhesive to cover the roll with glue then heavily sprinkle on glitter. Hang to allow drying time. When the glue is completely dry use hot glue to add strung beads along the edges. Add ribbon and bows to the hanger and you have a beautiful, sparkling ornament that is very unique.

Use four pipe cleaners and cris-cross them to form an “X” overlapped by another “X”. There should be eight points to this “star”. Glue in center where all pieces meet. Now string beads onto each of the eight sections of pipe cleaner. After all the beads are in place, and the pipe cleaner sections are completely covered, bend the eight ends up, arching them, to form a “ball”. Use a piece of fishing twine and hook it to any trinket – a cross or a ceramic reindeer – so that it dangles in the center of the ball.

Hold the ball in one hand, squeezing it just enough so that all the ends touch together at the top. Place a large drop of hot glue on the top, making sure glue is on each of the eight ends, then lay a round piece of lace, a small metal washer, or another round object that will hold all eight ends in place. Paint the washer, or whatever you used, if desired. Fold a small piece of ribbon in half and hot glue it to the very center of the top of the ball. Attach a bow to complete.

Use an instant coffee jar lid to make another beautiful ornament. Line the inside of the lid with glue then generously sprinkle with white glitter or fake snow. Paint the outside (or lid top) white. Purchase miniatures of a manger scene or other minis to make the scene of your choice, inside the lid. After attaching the miniatures wrap the outside of the lid with red velvet ribbon. The ends of the ribbon should meet at the top, above the manger scene. Wear a glove, heat a nail, and push it through the ribbon and lid, where the velvet ribbon ends meet. Fold a slender piece of ribbon in half then slide both ends through the hole and tie them in a knot. This will serve as your hanger. Make a bow and attach it to where the ribbon enters the lid.

Form a small cross with pipe cleaners. String beads onto each end of the pipe cleaner until all four arms of the cross are covered in beads. Use one large bead to attach to the center. Before putting the last bead onto the top of the cross, fold a piece of twine in half, and insert the two ends into the bead. Squirt a dot of glue into the bead, making sure the glue reaches the ends of the twine. Now slide the last bead into place and you have a beautiful cross ornament.

String half of a pipe cleaner with beads until the pipe cleaner can’t be seen anymore. Slip the first and last beads off, fill with hot glue, then slide them back into place. Shape into a candy cane. The candy cane ornament doesn’t need a hanger since it can be hung on the tree by the crook in the cane.

Purchase a small piece of fabric that has small Christmas designs imprinted on it. Use a pop bottle lid to cut the fabric into a circle. Glue the image onto the flat side of the pop bottle lid. On the inside of the lid spread glue then glitter and allow to dry. Wrap the outside of the lid with white or red velvet ribbon, allowing the ends to meet at what will be the top of the ornament. Wear a glove, heat a nail, and slip the hot nail through the velvet ribbon and lid. Now use a slender piece of ribbon, fold it in half, insert both ends into the hole, then glue into place. Use glitter glue to outline the image on the front of the lid and give it some sparkle. Attach a bow to hide where the hole in the lid was made.

Use an old cd as a backing for the next ornament. Cut a circular picture, the size of the cd, of your family, your child or even Santa. Before attaching the picture to the cd fold a piece of ribbon or twine in half and glue the ends to the face of the cd. Now glue the picture to the cd itself, covering the ends of the ribbon or twine. Attach a piece of half-inch lace strip all the way around the cd, making sure the ends meet at the top of the cd. Make a bow and attach it where the lace ends meet to cover the ends.

Cut a piece of clear fishing twine about twelve inches long. Slide one tiny clear bead onto the twine, sliding it almost to the bottom. Place a dot of hot glue on the end of the twine then slide the small bead over the hot glue. Allow to cool and set. Now start putting larger and larger beads onto the twine until you have an icicle shape. The beads don’t have to all be shaped the same as long as they get larger as they go upward. Place the last bead on to the twine, making sure you have a tail of twine to hold on to. Squirt a small amount of hot glue into the top opening of the last bead, then fold the twine down and tuck the end into the bead hole. This will form a loop for you to hang the icicle.

Core and peel an apple. Slice the apple and lay the pieces on tin foil, then on a baking sheet. Place in a low oven until the apple slices dry and begin to curl. String the slices on to a piece of nylon thread or fishing twine. After all the slices are on the twine tie the two ends of the twine together, forming a circle of apple slices. Tie a bow from red ribbon and attach to the twine at the top. This ornament smells good and looks cute.

Use a piece of fishing twine to string small bells. When it’s the size you desire tie the ends of the twine, forming a circle of bells. Lay a small piece of twine, about half the circumference size, on the knot and tie once again, trapping the piece in the knot. At the other end, which is hanging in the middle of the ring of bells, attach a small trinket such as a ceramic snowman. Allow it to dangle in the middle. Fold a small piece of ribbon in half and glue both ends right at the knot. Fold and glue a bow over the knot to hide it. Now you have a cute bell ornament. There are lots of other ornaments you can make by using your imagination and a few craft supplies.

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