How to Tattoo Your Jeans

Tattoos seem to be everywhere these days. What was once a no no has been made hip and cool thanks to television shoes like Inked on TLC. I know quite a few people with tattoos, but I can’t quite work up the nerve to get one myself. This got me to thinking about how I could incorporate some tattoo art somewhere else in my life. Jeans were the obvious choise.

Creating tattoos on you jeans is an easy and affordable craft project that almost anyone should be able to do. If you are starting from scratch I think you should be able to do this tattoo project for less than $30. That amount includes all of the necessary supplies except for the jeans.

What You Will Need to Tattoo Your Jeans:

Fabric Paint (In a large selection of color)
Plastic plates (To mix your paint colors on)
Paint brushes (round stencil brushes as well as a selection of artist brushes, look for some
Really fine and small paint brushes)
Tattoo Stencils (Websites to follow)
Tape (almost any kind will work, I like blue painter’s tape and scotch tape)
Cardboard or Poster board inserts

To get started on this craft project make sure you first wash your jeans. I used a pair I had been wearing forever, but just in case yours are new you shouldn’t skip this step. It is important for the fabric paint to adhere properly.

Once your jeans have been washed and dried lay them out flat on a large work surface. Cut you poster board or cardboard to size. They should be able to slide into what ever area of your jeans you will be painting. This will keep your tattoos form leaking through your jeans and out the other side.

Now you are ready to start tattooing your jeans. Lay your stencil where you would like to tattoo. Tape all four sides down with painter’s tape. You can buy adhesive stencils that will eliminate the need to tape the stencil down.

Squirt out you paint choices onto the plastic plate. To cover large areas use the round stencil brush. Gently dab it into the paint color. Blot is a little on a paper towel if you have too much paint. Now, start dabbing this on your jeans in the appropriate area of the stencil. This is just like completing a stencil on the wall or a piece of furniture.

For added detail you can let these large areas of color dry and then use your finer artist brushes to paint small details. If you are applying a tattoo that is all outlines of black or some color than you can simply use your fine paintbrush to apply the paint. Fabric paint pens in black that work well too.

Remove your stencil and let your handy work dry. I like to let mine dry for at least 24 hours. Then, I wash my jeans to set the paint. Your tattoos will last longer if you avoid putting your jeans in the dryer. I have found though that I like some of mine better once they have faded a little bit.

Now, there are a lot of sights you can buy tattoo stencils online for this craft project. is a fabulous and professional site. You can find stencils grouped by number, art, special collection, adhesive, and reusable. They have a huge selection and are well worth the time it takes to dig through their stencils. has a huge selection of henna stencils. You can find a lot more detailed patterns if you are going for more of an outlined tatoo in black at this site.

Michaels Arts and Crafts stores also have huge selctions of stencils that would work well for this tatto craft project. You can find roses and geometric designs gelore there. The are also the perfect place to buy your fabirc paint and paint brushes!

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