Christmas Gift Ideas for Crossword Puzzle Fanatics

I have been doing crossword puzzles for more than a decade. You can say I am a fanatic since this hobby has stayed with me for years. For those of you who know people like me, give them a Christmas gift this year they will love. Instead of trying to turn them on to something new that won’t keep their attention, feed their interest with an item that supports their love for crossword puzzles.

Christmas gift ideas for crossword puzzle fanatics:

  • Pencil Broom. Erasing away an answer is a constant for crossword puzzle fanatics like myself. Help yours achieve this feat with ease by giving him or her a Pencil Broom. It’s a writing utensil with a broom head eraser that covers more space.
  • “Best of Wednesday Crosswords”. This crossword puzzle book is published by The New York Times. It offers consumers mid-level crossword puzzles. For individual’s like myself who want a challenge, but one that’s doable, this Christmas gift idea is perfect.
  • ‘There’s No Crying In Crosswords’ Hoodie. Zazzle is a company with products created by regular folk. On Dec. 25, give your crossword puzzle fanatic a bit of fun and warmth simultaneously through the ‘There’s No Crying in Crosswords’ hoodie. Besides coming in a variety of colors, this outerwear also can be worn by both males and females.
  • “Super Crossword Puzzle Dictionary”. Simon and Schuster produced this reference book as a consummate go-to for crossword puzzle lovers. This Christmas gift idea works well for people like me that still utilize paper dictionaries for answers to difficult crossword puzzle clues.
  • Electronic NY Times Crossword Puzzle. Crossword puzzle fanatics who also adore tech gadgets will get a kick out of doing crossword puzzles on this gizmo. Besides being small and portable, the Electronic NY Times Crossword Puzzle is easy to manipulate.
  • Crossword Puzzle Mug. Cafe Press is another company with products created by regular folk. A crossword enthusiast designed a special mug for people of like mind. This Christmas gift idea is a plus for crossword puzzle lovers who enjoy drinking coffee in the morning while completing a crossword puzzle.

In conclusion, the above Christmas ideas for crossword puzzle fanatics will keep the person who fits this description in your life happy. The best part – they are all inexpensive. So you won’t break the bank bringing joy to this individual.

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