How to Preserve a Soap Carving

Learning the art of sculpture carving is not that technical especially if you follow simple tips to be able to preserve a soap carving. The art of soap carving will surely help you improve your skills for creating shapes in a medium. Transform a simple bar of soap into an object or shape of your choice to impress your friends, relatives and children. You will have to go through the trial and error method to carve a shape successfully. Consider buying all the required things to get this job done at home.

Things Required:

– Soap
– Craft knife set
– Blush brush


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have what it takes to successfully carve a shape from a bar of soap. You will be required to pay attention to details and show determination to perform this task. For those who do not possess these skills, they should consider learning a different art.

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    Now consider visiting your local supermarket and purchase all the required items needed to perform this task. Purchase a hard powdery bar of soap before obtaining anything else. It is advised to purchase bars that can produce crushed powder when scraped. If possible avoid getting as soap that becomes soft like putty when kept at hot temperatures. Furthermore, studies have shown that you must use a bar this is not too thick and has a flat back. If this is not the case you will find it hard to create a shape that you want to carve on the soap bar.

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    Next you must scrape away the distinctive marks on the soap. Furthermore, consider carving down any decorative styles on the edges. Find a long knife in your kitchen and use it to shave down any sides with imprinted symbols or writing. Make sure that there is no writing on the soap bar that you plan to use. Cut down the entire side to get rid of the writing, if required. Be careful while using a sharp knife as you will want to hold the bar of soap firmly in your hands to avoid it from slipping.

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    Now draw the shape of the object you want to carve on a soap bar. Inspect the soap bar, looking at both sides and imagine how you would carve the shape and how it should look. Do not forget to check the outlines on both sides to ensure they are of the same size and height.

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