How to Sell a Campground Membership

If you want to get an idea of how campground memberships work, consider the idea of timeshare: To bear the collective running and maintenance cost of the campground, all membership holders contribute their own shares. Planning on selling your campground membership? You can do it easily by collecting some basic bits of information about campground memberships and the possible means of attracting prospect buyers. Of course selling a campground membership will require a little bit of your time as well.


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    The first thing you need to do is to look for a prospect buyer. The best place to start will be the admin office of the campground to which you hold the membership because they may have a waiting list of people who are looking to buy the campground’s membership. Also contact with the manager of the campground to inform him that you are planning to sell your membership.

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    Arbitrate a fair asking price for the membership. In order to get the best price, timing is very important. If you sell your membership just before vacations, when most families are planning their holiday trips, you are likely to get the best price.

    You can ask the campground management office to help you determine a reasonable price because they have statistics of recent membership sales.

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    Advertisement comes next. Spread the word that you are willing to sell your campground membership on at least a couple of platforms. You may consider the free options first placing your advertisement in free classified services.

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    When you come across a potential buyer, follow the instructions given to you by your campground to adjudicate the terms of transfer. It would be a beneficial practice to ask the campground’s management office for a copy of the transfer agreement. You need to know the transfer agreement details because campground membership transactions must not be done using conventional methods.

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    Once you have agreed the terms of transfer with the buyer, it is time to finalise the transaction. If the buyer is a local, meet at a public location and conduct the transaction. Having a registered notary public with you is best because the notary public can take care of any legal aspects necessary to be addressed. Prefer cash or cashier’s cheque over personal cheque to collect the payment.

    In case the buyer lives far off and can not meet in person, hire a lawyer who gives services in the buyer’s area and authorise the lawyer to conduct the transaction of your behalf.

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