Autumn Mist

Like the autumn goes�so it seems
I wonder how the leaves know
When to fall and drift away

Losing a loved one, is like that
Sometimes you know it’s coming
And sometimes it’s here and gone
As the heart is the one left to grieve
Wondering where and why
it feels so empty now

Love is fleeting, love divine
So the writers say, but still I wonder
Why love has to hurt so much?
Is it because true love costs so much
But gives ever more?

Or is it because of our old wounds
That we carry through our lives
Like a trunk of old photos and
memories we never want to keep
But somehow can’t throw away

Maybe the only way to really love
Is to really love, to give away
More than just a feeling, and more than
Just a greeting card, maybe
Love is something we’re born with
But are afraid to use

When at last we find love in the losing
Rushing through a side door.
Perhaps it was waiting for us, in some
sweet and sad disguise
Or maybe it comes upon a soul
Like an autumn mist

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