Avoid Chemical Pesticides with Organic Food

The food that we eat does have lots and lots of effect on us. The process of digestion effectively extracts the nutrients required by our human system from the food we eat, but also we should be aware that not only nutrients and minerals are passed into the cells but also harmful pesticides and chemicals that land us in trouble.

“Organic” – the word makes loads of difference in a person’s lifestyle. Eating only veggies is really good, but did you know what are the processes that are involved before they land up on your plate? I am afraid many are caught unawares of this issue. I would like to take this opportunity to throw light on certain consequences as a result of the process biomagnification.

Many may herald about pesticides being present in every consumable product. True, i am not here to deny that. We all know whatever we consume, there is a miniscule trace of pesticide in them. Then what is that i want to say, I wanted to say something about reducing these fiends from our daily life. Let me tell you something, we are never the persons to be blamed. We are just the consumers and naturally demand more, so the producers assay in all possible ways to keep up his production, in course effectively using pesticides, and herbicides to boost up their production.

As of now, the present scenario, many governments have set their permissible limits for pesticides in perishable materials, which has although reduced, has not entirely got way with pesticides. Organic food are 100% safe to consume as they have no hidden pesticides, growth boosters or whatsover with them, that were used during their propagation.

Well, now a question crops up, are there no pesticides or fertilizers that are used in organic food? Not really, when we have decided to trod in the nature’s way, we have also learned to harness other sources from our same nature. Technically , they are known as biopesticides and biofertilizers. They are nothing but actually plant products, such as Neem oil, Neem Cake, pheromones from insects, products derived from different species of bacterias and viruses.

Although chemical pesticides fail to show their consequences immediately, they intend to have long term side-effects. The effects span our entire body, they include defects in central nervous system, Fertility problems (both in men and women), respiratory problems, problems related to psychiatry and so on.

Organic food has to be implemented as soon as possible in all developed, under developed and developing countries failing in which, there are chances in future of children born handicapped, i.e., without limbs, organs and what not.

Go for organic food, vouch for Organic Stuff.

Disclaimer: This article does only intends to educate people on organic foods.

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