Avoid Taking Cockroaches with You when You Move

If you are like me, you have discovered that your new apartment is occupied by roaches big and small, and feeling utterly disgusted you have no choice but to move out. It is known that all it takes is one pregnant roach to infest a building, because the female roach only needs to become impregnated once to be able to reproduce for a lifetime, and the female’s egg capsule which can be produced every 20-25 days contains 40 eggs (roach babies). So you want to do your best to avoid taking any roaches with you so you do not infest your new place, but how can you do this?

If you live in an apartment complex it is best to inform your landlord if you have spotted a roach because early intervention can halt an infestation, chances are if you have spotted one roach there are plenty, roaches multiply at a rapid rate and can easily and quickly infest a building. In fact, it only takes a tiny baby roach a month to grow into full size.

Roaches are not only ugly; they are disgusting and pose as health hazards. Roaches transmit many diseases such as gastroenteritis, food poisoning, diarrhea, and can harm people when they get into and contaminate food. When roaches walk over things they release excrement over the item, this item could be your kitchen counter top, your plate, and your food. Roaches are very tough insects they can make one crumb of food last for months, however water, they can not live without.

Now that you know some facts about these nasty little freeloaders here is how you might be able to prevent taking them with you. Remember that roaches can hide in very tight places, and small objects depending on size, so there is no guarantee that you will not take some with you when moving.

Place clothes, papers, books, into big plastic bins with lid as opposed to cardboard boxes. Before you place your items into the bin you should make sure to shake them out, and inspect for any roaches, take the time to look very carefully because baby ones are very tiny and hard to see.

Avoid eating in the room where your belongings are stored.

Leave behind electrical appliances such as coffee pot, toaster, blender, iron, wall clock, alarm clock, radio, t.v. certain children toys etc. You may be able to take these appliances after thorough and immense examination.

Store food that come in boxes or plastic such as (crackers, cereal, noodles, sugar) either in plastic bowls with lids, or inside of plastic bins. That way you will avoid packing any boxed foods that may have a roach hanging inside.

Keep computers, TV’s, wrapped tightly in plastic until you move into your new place.

Search for roach capsules (egg cases), these roach egg capsules can hold up to 40 little roaches

Clean pots and pans and dry them before packing them.

Wash clothes, blankets, comforters, before packing them. (If you are washing clothes at a Laundromat, pack the clothes, comforters, and blankets inside of the box as opposed taking them to the infested place, and packing them.)

Inspect the folds and creases of boxes, and bags before placing any item inside.

If you have plants check the plant’s soil to see if there are any roaches crawling around in it. When checking the soil you must stare at it for about 1-2 minutes to see if you can detect any roach movement because small roaches will blend in with the soil. Check the plants leaves and stems as well.

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