Babel Deluxe: Building the Tower Through Language

Babel Deluxe is an imaginative pc game from Game House that inspires the player to build the Tower of Babel. The original Tower of Babel is a Bible story in which mankind worked to build a tower that would reach to the heavens. That is until God destroyed the tower and multiplied the languages of men to hinder them from trying to do so again.

As you advance in the game, you select levels to add to your tower. There is various looks and sizes to the levels which allows the builder to be picky with the tower’s image. As the tower gets taller, the atmosphere changes from clothes hung outside for drying to the moon, stars and even Mars. Who knows where the advanced player might end up?

The course of the game is language connected. The game round is randomly selected from the game board. There is many different kinds of play rounds, most of which the player gets to unlock. Some are common tasks, such as seek and find words, but others are not as easily done.

Separating words into categories by positioning or number of letters is one of my favorites. Another one I like is the remove a letter from the words shown to create more words. Although this one can really trip me up, I know the answer is always right in front of my face.

The Caesar’s Riddle round is not one I am happy to see. It requires a lot more effort to finish correctly. You are given several words with letters missing. The letters are at the bottom and you must put them into the right color coded space. By placing a letter into a colored spot, all spots of that same color receive that letter. What works in one word doesn’t always work in the other words.

There is several rounds that are similar to each other- find the changed word, find the repeated word, create words. However, the creators of the game is imaginative and has worked their magic to keep the ‘boring’ attitude banished!

As the tower reaches further into the heavens, the player understands why the men of that old story did what they did. Of course it isn’t exactly the same, but there is so much pleasure in watching the tower climb, almost without end. When the tower does come crashing down due to the player’s inability to keep enough stability stars, the player just says, “Time to rebuild!”

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