Baby Magic Complete

In my five years of parenting I’ve spent a portion of my weekly grocery shopping/household supply stock up time standing the baby aisle at Target, my local health food store and the grocery store sniffing baby wash and baby lotion. Well, it all stops now! I’ve discovered Baby Magic Complete. This new line of lotion, shampoo and wash for babies is the best smelling one I’ve come across so far.

Just before the Baby Magic Complete line arrived on store shelves, Johnson and Johnson started selling their new Johnson’s Naturals line. I received a sample of their lotion in the mail and loved the scent. I decided to buy the whole line for all three of my boys (ages 4 months-4 years). Much to my disappointment, the lotion was sold out at the time. I saw the Baby Magic Complete line and gave it a sniff. It smelled very similar to the Johnson’s Naturals. It also cost less! I chose the Baby Magic Complete baby wash to give it a try.

The first time I used the baby wash I knew I had to go back and buy the Baby Magic Complete lotion. The lather from the tear-free formula was rich and I didn’t need to use much of the product to clean them from head to toe. Baby Magic Complete baby wash left my sons’ hair and skin feeling soft and smelling clean and sweet. The scent was long lasting, too.

I went back to the store the next day to purchase the lotion. After bath time that evening I used the lotion on my sons’ faces and bodies. The scent was just perfect-there and smelling sweet but not overpowering. The lotion was creamy and not watery but rubbed into their skin without leaving oily residue or white streaks. My oldest son can use this lotion himself and I don’t have to worry about it running off of his hand and onto the floor or that he won’t rub it in well enough. It goes on smooth and evenly.

I find the Baby Magic Complete line to be not only the perfect scent and gentleness for my four month old son but also for my two and a half year old son who has more sensitive skin. The lotion has never irritated his delicate skin. For my oldest, who tends toward dry knees and elbows, I find this lotion to be moisturizing without being too thick and oily. I definitely recommend the Baby Magic Complete line for anyone who loves the scent of baby bath time products and is looking for a single product line to use for all of the young children and babies in the family.

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